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University of Malta - MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Criticism - Masters Degree in Literature

Experienced IB English A Literature and Theatre teacher, with an excellent grasp of the IB framework and assessment goals, and great track record of guiding students through the Extended Essay process, whilst always minding student mental health and well being.

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About Me

I'm a Paris based IB English Literature and Theatre teacher with 7 years of experience teaching IB including IB Coordinator experience. I find the IB framework of studies extremely effective in pushing students to improve their critical thinking skills and discover new approaches to their favourite subjects. It is my pleasure to guide and mentor students through such processes and help them stay on task and refine their abilities to reach all of their assessment goals.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching English since I was a university student and by now I may say that I've been in the teaching profession for almost 20 years. For the last 7 years I focused on IB, specifically English A Literature and Theatre, but also on guiding students through the Extended Essay process (for my subjects and also in general). I've also been an IB Coordinator, so I know the IB and its goals extremely well. I have worked in classes of all sizes and I have given 1-1 tutoring in a large variety of contexts, including online. I also specialize in helping students with mental health issues and all of my work is always done with student well being in mind. I believe strongly in setting clear goals for my students after understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Each session should have a very specific practical goal and there's always time for the student to discuss, practice and receive feedback. Clear communication and a positive, supportive approach towards my students is what I have been always applauded for in my career.

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IB English A Literature
IB Theatre
Extended Essay
Basic English Language
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• InThinking IB Administration & Leadership Category II Training – Lisbon - 2020
• ISTA IB Diploma Theatre Teacher Category II Training – Manchester – 2017
• Ira Sedenstein Master Class – Body, Movement & Improvisation – Paris – 2016
• InThinking IB Diploma Literature A Teacher Category II Training – Barcelona – 2016
• InThinking IB Diploma Literature A Teacher Category I Training – Barcelona – 2014
• ISTA IB Diploma Theatre Teacher Category I Training – Stratford Upon Avon - 2014
• M.A. in Modern/Contemporary Literature & Criticism – University of Malta – 2012
(With focus on - Critical Postcolonial Literature, Hamlet & Critical Posthumanism)
• Postgraduate Certificate in Education – SEBDA – Leicester University UK- 2009
• COMPASS Training in Quality Human Rights Education – Council of Europe – Florence/Rome - 2004 - 2005
• Bachelor of Psychology with studies in Anthropology – University of Malta – 2004
• TEFL Certificate – International School of English – University of Malta – 2002


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