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About Me

I have worked as a Senior Teaching Fellow at University College London since 2015.

Tutor Experience

I teach statistics, data science and statistical computer programming in a variety of formats - online, classroom-based and one-to-one. I also have been offering private tuition for many years alongside my main full time position at University College London. Typically I teach those studying some form of health science, but also equally happy with students from many other disciplines.

Topic Expertise

I am trained as a medical statistician with experience in most forms of data analysis such as hypothesis testing, regression modelling, multilevel modelling, reliability and validity of measurements, meta-analysis and survival analysis. I have extensive experience using and teaching the statistical software packages SPSS, Stata and R.

Client Reviews

Really great - informative and super helpful

- Programming

Dean was great and helped me understand how to interpret models and test hypotheses using R - would definitely recommend!

- Biological Sciences

Dean is a superb tutor. He does everything at a great pace and listens tentatively to the students. He is very knowledgeable of r and wants to provides the most simplistic route to questions and answers.

- Quantitative Methods

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Ph.D. Medical Statistics (University of York)
MSc Medical Statistics (University of Leicester)
BSc Mathematics (University of Liverpool)


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