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University of Liverpool | Liverpool John Moores University - Business | Economics | Finance - BA (Hons) MSc MCSI DipPFS


Regulated financial adviser that specialises in Maths, Business, Economics and Finance/ Investment Management.

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About me

A seasoned economist, having studied Math, Business and Economics formally for the past decade.

Employed in the financial services industry, I have gained a substantial amount of experience in applying economic theory to financial markets. Such experience allows me to teach in a way that the subject is not simply abstract theory, as I am able to draw on real world examples whenever necessary.

Having also studied Business Studies and Maths, both complementary subjects, to a high level, I am able to offer context to my lessons whilst aiding with the technical aspects of Economics, Statistics and Econometrics.

A specialist in the field of Economics having completed over 50 academic exams in Maths, Business and Economics (A-Level, Undergraduate and Masters).

I have published an undergraduate dissertation and postgraduate thesis, both of which centred on the UK economy and the global financial crisis in 2007.

A large part of my day to day job involves analysing vast amounts of economic data and being able to understand how the global economy functions. I continue to study Economics, as it plays a large part of my professional qualifications.

Professional Qualifications:

CII - Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning
CII - Certificate in Mortgage Advice
CII - Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management
CII - Certificate in Securities Advice and Dealing
CISI - Investment Advice Diploma
CISI - Private Client Investment Advice and Management Certificate

Tutor Experience

Over 300 Hours since 2016.
Individual & Small Group Tuition
In person & Online (Skype / Zoom)
Maths, Business, Economics, Finance

Topic Expertise

Maths - GCSE [AQA | Edexecel | OCR]

Business Studies - GCSE | A-Level | Undergraduate

Economics - GCSE | A-Level | Undergraduate

Finance - Undergraduate

Professional Qualifications (CISI | CII | CFA)

Wealth Management
Financial Planning

Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning
- R02
- J10
- J12

Level 1

Client Reviews

Annina - Finance

The class was great, we went into complete detail about all the topics I was struggling with. I feel a lot more prepared since I now was able to go over the topics I struggle with. Another great thing was, Tom asked me to rate all the topics in my course and what I’m struggling with, we are working on these now and I already feel more confident!

Jed - Finance

Great session!

Thomas - Finance

Was incredibly stressed about the content of my class, feeling behind and worried about my first assignment, but Tom made everything so much easier to follow and really boosted my confidence. He was very friendly and clear, making the whole process a lot smoother and I would recommend Tom to anyone feeling like I did. I feel a lot better about my assignment and progressing through the second half of my class.

jenn - Finance

Extremely helpful and informative session. Tom teaches everything from concepts to application to real business case.


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MSc Economics & Finance
BA (Hons) Business & Economics

A-Level Maths
A-Level Business studies
A-Level Economics

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