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University of Cambridge - Engineering with Management - 4 A*s at A-Level, currently completing university BA degree


Experienced GCSE/A-Level Physics, Maths, and Further Maths Tutor. I look to make learning a genuine delight for students, as it has always been for me. This is the most effective way to generate long-lasting academic knowledge and understanding.

Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 35 Last Online: 13 May 2021
All-time Students: 4 Total Classes: 26 Signed Up: 03 Feb 2021

About me

3rd year Engineering with Management student at Cambridge University with interests ranging from sustainable energy to artificial intelligence. I enjoy teaching and tutoring for the fulfilment of giving students a deeper appreciation of various topics than what they're able to gain at school.

Tutor Experience

I have tutored over 150 hours of A-Level Physics, Mathematics, and Further-Mathematics content with various agencies and schools (including both Cardiff Sixth Form College and Oxford International College - the 2 top A Level schools in the UK). I achieved 100% in all Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics modules when I sat my A-Levels in 2018 (transcripts available upon request) and I am currently in my 3rd year of Engineering at Cambridge University which builds on a lot of the principles introduced at A-Level Further Mathematics. As such, I am confident I can bring out 100% of the potential any student has in the subject while also making learning a genuine delight for them as it is for me.

Topic Expertise

Exam Boards: OCR, WJEC, CIE, AQA, Edexcel
I am proficient and experienced with all topics in the syllabuses of my listed subjects

Client Reviews

Helen - Mathematics

Odu has gone through Trig during the lesson, and taught me more intuitive ways of dealing with Trig equations rather than using the CAST diagram.

Helen - Mathematics

Odu has guided me through circle geometry and differentiating by first principles. He has helped me understand some of the more intuitive ways of completing the tasks.

Mrs S J - Mathematics

Went over integration by substitution. Really helpful.

Mrs S J - Mathematics

I recapped integration from my last lesson and also covered R substitution as well as interpreting graphs. Great help!


I am honoured to be writing this reference letter for Odunayo Salu. Having been tutored by him over 4 months near the end of 2020, I can confidently conclude that he is one of the best that any student could ask for. I think the highlight of my classes with Odunayo was his non-judgmental attitude. While he prepared me for my university interviews, I sometimes struggled to remember past A Level concepts or to grasp new ones. Though I would feel slightly embarrassed, Odunayo was patient with me and guided my thinking process with helpful prompts, eventually leading me to decipher the correct answers. He focused on ensuring that I had a thorough comprehension of fundamental topics, beyond the memorization of formulae, and was happy to revisit previous syllabus content for this. He also scheduled as many mock interviews for me as possible, in order to fully prepare me. His sincere investment in helping me reach my full potential motivated me to maintain a rigorous work ethic that allowed me to advance my skills. I certainly owe my understanding of spherical surface areas to him and his apt use of analogies while teaching. It is also worth mentioning Odunayo's systematic approach to tasks - whether that be writing my personal statement or revising for my interviews - that allowed us to complete them efficiently in clear stages. Even so, he is positively open to feedback and was receptive to adapting his methodologies to my particular style of learning if I ever brought up a suggestion. To summarize, I truly believe that Odunayo is the ideal tutor: knowledgeable, encouraging and flexible. His obvious enthusiasm towards helping students become the best versions of themselves is what makes him so successful in his role. I hope many more benefit from his teaching and university preparation services. Warm regards, Sonia Bendre

I am very lucky to have gotten Odunayo as my personal tutor through the UniAdmissions course. He helped me with every aspect of the application process for university. Odunayo is very determined and won’t hesitate to spend some time after our sessions to help find websites or research about things that could help me in the next lesson. My biggest concern was working online and through Skype because I thought that I wouldn’t get as much help. But Odunayo made it seem like he was tutoring me in person with the use of websites such as AwwBoard that really helped when practicing interview questions. Odunayo has been a very helpful tutor and has really taken the time to ensure that my application process goes as smoothly as possible. To anyone considering having Odunayo as your tutor, I wouldn’t think twice about this and I promise you he is one of the best tutors you will find due to his commitment in helping you achieve your target. Pratham Agarwal

I found Odu to be a massive help when preparing for my application to university. Over the course of 2 weeks, we had 1-on-1 sessions to help me craft my UCAS personal statement. Odu always had great advice in terms of which paragraphs to cut and which ones to expand more, and he was especially helpful when it came to getting my personal statement below the maximum character limit. As well as this, we had group sessions where Odu would speak to us about various Engineering topics and he would get us all to contribute and engage. For example, in one session he gave us a typical interview question ('Why can't we build taller?') and we had an in-depth discussion about all of the different factors to take into consideration. He was always happy to take questions and did his best to make sure everyone understood what was being discussed. Thanks to Odu, I made it into my top-choice university (Oxford), and I wasn't the only one. Suyash Agarwal

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