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I am a recent graduate from Oxford having completed my BA in Ancient and Modern History in 2019. I have also just completed an MPhil in Renaissance Literature at the University of Cambridge. I am passionate about a wide range of humanities subjects and pride myself on promoting interdisciplinary understanding, especially between History, Philosophy, Literature and Politics. As a teacher I have had extensive teaching experience both in the UK and abroad (Hong Kong, Beijing, Kenya) and have a lot of experience teaching international students for whom English is not their first language. I have tutored on both an individual level and taught larger classes in schools, and have taught a wide range of age groups from 11 year olds just starting in secondary school up to undergraduate students of around 20.

Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 42 Last Online: 27 Feb 2021
All-time Students: 6 Total Classes: 45 Signed Up: 22 Aug 2019

About me

I have just finished studying for an MPhil in Renaissance Literature at Christ's College, Cambridge, after completing my BA in Ancient and Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford. I am interested in a wide range of humanities subjects, having taken courses in literature, political theory and philosophy during my undergraduate history degree, which itself was a joint-school between classics and history. I aim in future to continue pursuing research in my areas of interest whilst also exploring teaching as a career path. In my spare time, I love drama and am frequently involved in various theatrical projects in either a directing or acting capacity. I am also a huge football fan, playing regularly for Lincoln College's football team during my time there as an undergraduate.

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching and tutoring for five years now and have acquired a wide range of teaching experiences and skills. I began when I was still at school by tutoring a GCSE history student whilst I was doing my A-Levels. I also volunteered at an after-school homework club. I would tutor the children on an individual basis, helping them with their homework and keeping track of their progress. I also began to take up classroom teaching jobs, going to Kenya in partnership with the charity Hand-in-Hand to teach english, history and politics to 14-17 year old students at Mogonjet School.

At university I continued to pursue teaching opportunities teaching at the Keio Summer School for Japanese university students each summer of my undergraduate degree, in which I taught history, debating and drama. I have also continued to pursue teaching opportunities abroad, completing the six week i-Learner internship in Hong Kong in the summer of 2018, in which I taught 12 to 18 year old’s a wide range of topics. In the summer of 2019 I did the Educamp internship in Beijing. I taught at three ten-day camps at Camford Royal School, teaching history, creative writing and sports.

I have also continued as an individual tutor. During the spring of 2019 I worked for CamExpress, an online tutoring company based in Shanghai. I taught online lessons and created online lectures for 16-18 year-old students who were considering applying to Oxbridge for university, as well as giving advice about the Oxford application process. In 2020, I created an online course for CamExpress composed of recorded lectures and one-on-one lessons on a variety of historical topics, intended to give students an introduction to studying history at university.

Topic Expertise

My subject expertise is wide-ranging across a diverse field of humanities subjects. My BA and MPhil are in Ancient and Modern History and English Literature respectively, but I also have an in depth understanding of Politics and Philosophy as well. At A-level I took Ancient History, English Literature, History, Philosophy and Politics, obtaining an A* grade (or Pre-U equivalent) in each subject and I am familiar with the exam structuring for all these exams across both A-level and GCSE over multiple exam boards.

Client Reviews

Helen - Ancient History

Fantastic! Clear and motivating.

Helen - Ancient History

Awesome class. Really enjoyed the discussion and all of the goals of the session were met.

Matt - Ancient History

Very helpful and informative. Provided lots of tips and edits for improvement.

Lydia - Ancient History

Very Helpful, I feel a lot more confident!

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Christ's College, Cambridge

MPhil in Renaissance Literature, 2019-2020: Distinction

Lincoln College, Oxford

BA in Ancient and Modern History, 2016-2019: 1st Class

King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford

A levels: Ancient History (A*), Government and Politics (A*), History (A*), Philosophy (A*)
Cambridge Pre-U: English Literature (Distinction 2- A* at A level equivalent)

GCSEs: 6 A*s, 6 As, 1 B, including English Language (A*), English Literature (A*), History (A*) and Maths (A)


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