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Experienced Middle and High School Mathematics Teacher. I measure my success based on my students' successes.

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About me

My family's values have always started with knowledge and education, and for me, fighting for a better world means teaching newer generations critical thinking skills, and showing them how to access the vast networks of information that are constantly being negotiated, accumulated and refined.

Growing up in Athens, Greece I attended an international school and was exposed to an international educational system which inspired me throughout my educational journey, given me the courage to pursue both my passions, Mathematics and Music. My journey continued in the United States, and after a dual degree in both aforementioned subjects, extensive research experience as well as a few years of work experience, I returned to Greece to continue my work as an educator and a multi-instrumentalist music producer.

I am an amicable person who values openness, with high, yet well-calculated expectations, honoured to be given the opportunity to help potential tutees.

Tutor Experience

I have over 7 years of tutoring experience, both online and offline. Helping a student unlock his or her potential gives me absolute joy. I am a mathematician and musician by training and I started tutoring mathematics during High School and I have not stopped since.

I spent four years teaching Mathematics and Computer Science at the American Community Schools in Athens, Greece, as a full time faculty member, both in High School and Middle School. I have become a very solid lecturer, as well as one-to-one tutor, understanding from my core that each individual is a unique learner. As a result I continuously develop my understanding of the different modalities of learning, and how to use them effectively in order to best help each prospective student.

I have also spent may years collaborating with other mathematicians and musicians during several projects which ended in official publications and conference invitations. This close collaboration has heightened my interpersonal skills, and collaboration methods.

Topic Expertise

IB (International Baccalaureate) Mathematical Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (SL and HL), Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations (SL and HL)

Middle and High School Mathematics (US curriculum)

GCSE Mathematics, IGCSE Mathematics

GRE SAT Admissions Examinations

University Mathematics (Analysis, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, ODE, PDE etc...)

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BSc Mathematics - Cum Laude (Georgetown University)
BA Music - Cum Laude (Georgetown University)


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