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I am an experienced tutor with expert examination knowledge. In the summer of 2019, eight of my A Level students achieved a Grade A, with some improving from a Grade E. I have an excellent insight into what the exam boards are looking for and have been an expert examiner for Edexcel since 2007.

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About Me

I am interested in history, walking, visiting the beach and walking my dog. I am an avid fan of Spurs.

Tutor Experience

My name is Andrew Laming an experienced teacher of Geography from the UK.

I have been a teacher of Geography since 2003 and have worked in many successful secondary schools. I have been a Head of Geography in two schools for a period of 7 years. I have taught in a range of different schools from state to girls grammar and an independent school.

I have been an online tutor since September 2016 and am also a face to face tutor as well. I have taught many students and do specialise in A Level. I have also tutored students from many prestigious independent schools such as Marlborough College, Charter House, Godolphin School, Westminster School and Mount Kelly School and have enabled the students to achieve very high grades.

I tutor GCSE Geography and History and A Level Geography and History, and have taught all the main examination boards in my sessions: AQA, Cambridge igcse, Cambridge A Level Edexcel, igcse Edexcel, International A Level Edexcel,OCR & Wjec Eduqas.
I also have experience with the scholarship examinations for Eton, Harrow & Westminster School.

I have experience of tutoring international students and have taught students in Athens, Bahrain, California, China, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Spain & Switzerland.

I have been for several years an expert examiner for Edexcel for GCSE and A Level Geography. This has given me an inside knowledge as to what exam boards expect and look for in the answers of students.

I strive to get the best results as possible for my students and will always follow the exam board specification used by my students and this enables them to be as successful as possible.

Topic Expertise

I have expert knowledge regarding all aspects of geography and use this to enhance the learning experience in my lessons. For history I have expert knowledge of the Weimar and Nazi periods of Germany, the Cold War, the British Empire, the First and Second World Wars, Vikings, Anglo-Saxon England and Pre-Colombian exploration of the New World.
I have expert knowledge in relation to exam technique and performance and use this effectively in my teaching to enable students to improve their performance in examinations. I have detailed knowledge of all of the main specifications for Geography at GCSE & A Level (including coursework). I provide detailed feedback on homework tasks such as exam questions to enable the students to understand fully what is required of them in the examinations. I also provide resources for students that are used in sessions and can be used independently for revision.

Client Reviews

Hi Andrew, thank you so much for today’s lesson with James, he really enjoyed it, and came off the call very upbeat! I think this will be a great support for james moving forward and particularly as he delves more into the topics, so I do hope we are good to continue with the weekly lesson?

- Geography

Great start - Will came away motivated - perfect!

- Geography

Andrew was able to clearly explain the topic. I hope to book more lessons with him.

- Geography

I found the trial session very useful and would like to have more lessons.

- Geography

Very helpful!

- Geography

Really Good teacher!

- Geography

Always patient and A is enjoying Geo more with Andrew - thank you.

- History

Absolutely amazing teacher! Learnt so much in just an hour.

- Geography

Great :)

- Geography


- Geography


Lucy Staines, York, 2021: I got an A in Geography which I’m really happy about 😊 and have got into the University I wanted to go to - thanks again for all your help with geography! Lucy

Katie Matthews, London, 2021: I am so pleased with my result I got a B in geography which is such an improvement from the D I got in my mock. My coursework came back as an A* which I was over the moon with. Thanks so much for all your help!!

Tamsin Carter, Perranporth, 2021: Andrew is a very professional teacher with a wonderful sense of humour which makes his lessons truly engaging. Andrew tutored my Home Educated son for GCSE Geography and my son was delighted to receive a grade 9. My son enjoyed Andrew's lessons so much that we have decided to continue lessons with Andrew for A level history and geography when my son starts college this year. Thank you Andrew for being such an inspiration.

Roshni, Leicester, 2021: Andrew helped me immensely. I truly found him just in time to not only achieve a good AS result, but also my A2- in which I got an A*. He didn’t just guide me through the course contents, but also aided me to refine my organisation skills as well as exam technique. With Andrew you really come to appreciate how important technique is along side knowing the syllabus. Andrew made those big 20 mark essays less intimidating and towards the end I really came to enjoy writing them; thanks to him. Every lesson was good- he is a funny bloke which makes it all the better. I never thought twice about asking Andrew a question (whether it was silly or not), which I believe is so prerequisite for being a good teacher. If you want enjoyable lessons that teach you lots- Andrew is your man.

Kais Aqbarawi, Harrow, 2021: After struggling to keep up with my workload during the covid period, my mum decided I needed a geography tutor. I’ve always been skeptical about having a tutor but after the first introduction session with Andrew, I immediately felt comfortable. I was averaging C’s in geography and after just a couple months with one session a week, I was learning more with Andrew than I had done in an entire year at school. Andrew always found a way to make the lessons fun and enjoyable while maintaining productivity in every lesson, I never thought I’d actually look forward to a tutoring session! Thanks to Andrew I ended up getting an ‘A’ in my A level Geography. Thank you for changing my view on tutoring and thank you for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Emma Mountain, Scotland, 2021: Andrew tutored my son online in Geography at GCSE level for approx 18 months and taught him the whole syllabus in this time with two lessons a week. We hadn’t planned to home school but after an unhappy start at senior school along with the arrival of COVID it was our only option. We needn’t have worried. Andrew was the most fun but professional tutor we could have wished for and my son looked forward to his lessons so much. Archie learnt more in his lessons with Andrew than he would ever have done in a classroom environment. His lesson notes were always concise and easy to follow without too much unnecessary information and lessons were well structured and interactive. Andrew showed interesting and relevant videos to support his learning and there was always a great deal of humour involved....Geography with Andrew was never boring! Andrew was very good at helping with exam technique and worked on this from the start helping Archie with his confidence and ability to answer questions. Andrew’s lessons during lockdown kept us all going and we are grateful for the support and kindness he showed Archie. In the end, he achieved a 9 which would not have been possible without Andrew and we were all delighted. We would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to any potential students, Thank you ,Andrew, for everything and we wish you well with your future plans. Any student would be exceptionally lucky to have you as a tutor.

Dua'a Abdaljawwad, 2021: I am very pleased that i was able to find a tutor that was understanding and helpful. Andrew really encouraged me to work harder because he believed that I had the capability to achieve high grades. Before my session with Andrew i was predicted a 5-6 however, this is a significant jump to my final grade, a 9 - I am very very pleased and truly grateful! Andrew has supported significantly during the pandemic and he was able to clearly indicate which areas i needed more support on. I really appreciate how passionate Andrew is with Geography because this has really prompted me and builded my confidence. Thankyou!

Will Bailey, Stoke, 2021: Andrew is a great bloke and an even greater tutor. Before my weekly sessions with Andrew I was averaging C/Ds in my geography exams, this led to my mum finding me a tutor. Through relentlessly working on things like my exam technique and geographical understanding with Andrew, within a 4 month period my average grades shot up to A/A*s. With this ultimately accumulating with me receiving an A for my A-level geography. What's now amusing is that originally I didn't think I needed or wanted a tutor, but now my only regret is that I didn't start with Andrew earlier. I could write all day about how helpful a tutor he is e.g. giving me advice around how to deal best with learning during the pandemic, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly lessons with Andrew and it made all the difference for myself academically. So parents/students, I'd 1000% recommend going with Andrew, you won't regret it! Thank you again Andrew!!

Ruby Tavola, Qatar 2021: I felt really lucky finding Andrew. I've had friends who have hired tutors who have been really hit or miss, so I deeply valued Andrew's consistently high level of knowledge, helpfulness and professionalism. He offered me insights that none of my previous teachers had and made me feel a lot more confident about what exactly examiners are looking for. He was friendly, encouraging and supportive and went through my work really thoroughly, giving me lots of really helpful direction. His extensive feedback was always very enlightening and useful, so I ended up feeling very well prepared for my exams. Thanks to him, I got the A grade I was hoping for! I'm so grateful.

Chris Buckland, Worcestershire, (retake) 2020: After not being pleased with my A-level Geography grade, awarded by my teachers, I decided to resit the exam. Having not been at school for months due to Coronavirus, I desperately needed help to prepare for my exam, only given just over a month to revise. Andrew’s tutoring reputation really stood out online, and after my first lesson it became obvious that his testimonials truly reflected his teaching. Andrew’s lessons were very enjoyable and quickly boosted me ready for my exam more than my school teachers could do. After every lesson I felt like I had progressed and consequently my overall grade improved. His geographical knowledge is proficient with his wide array of case studies and facts relating to the topics. I would strongly recommend Andrew as a tutor to any student looking to boost their grade quickly and amplify their geographical understanding!

Fraser, Sussex (retake 2020): Andrew is an extremely knowledgeable tutor who helped improve my exam result by 2 grades in the space of 2 months. He identified my weaknesses which we worked on by walking through exam questions and dissecting mark schemes which assured that I was fully prepared for any tricky questions that came up in the exam. I would strongly recommended Andrew for any Geography student that struggles to receive top marks on the 12 and 20 mark questions.

Lawrie Arrowsmith, Essex, 2020: Thanks Andrew for all your support and encouragement in the lead up to my A Level. Your knowledge and teaching skills enabled me to structure and plan my essay writing and gave me the confidence to do so. Thanks again for all your help - and the lessons were always enjoyable Andrew which was a big plus!

Aarya Deshpande, Slough, 2020: Andrew is a wonderful tutor who really helped me to understand where I was going wrong. He provided clear and concise guidance on how to structure my essay answers, allowing me to perform exceptionally well in exams. He tailored sessions to help me overcome my weaknesses, which improved my confidence and boosted my grades immensely. His experience in the subject of Geography enhanced my learning, and ultimately encouraged me to push myself. Andrew not only is an amazing tutor, but is also a genuinely kind person who made learning so interesting and fun with his humorous and witty personality. He’s probably one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Thanks to Andrew’s expert guidance, I progressed from an A/B to an A* in the 2020 A level exam results. I would confidently recommend Andrew as a tutor to any student who would like to improve their understanding and excel in Geography . Thank you so much Andrew!

Shayan Saadat, Birmingham, 2020: Having underachieved in my Geography A Level I decided to retake the exams, Andrew was happy to help me through this process, he analysed all my exam papers and immediately found out what the problem was. Throughout the year Andrew provided a clear structure to the lessons tailored to me which allowed me to trust the process and monitor my progress as we went along. Quickly I saw an increase in marks in my essays, knowledge of the content and my writing skills. It was also his confidence in me and the enjoyable lessons that really made me push to be better every week. As a result, I managed to achieve a grade A in A-Level Geography. If only I found Andrew earlier, I would have achieved this much quicker, Thank you!

Megan Frost, Aylesbury, 2020: Andrew really helped me gain a B in A-Level History. He was really helpful with any questions I had and had a great range of knowledge in all my History modules. I highly recommend Andrew as a History Tutor as he will help you so much and make learning enjoyable.

Shaimaa Hassoun, Kuwait, 2020: After several trials of finding a suitable geography tutor last minute, I came across Andrew's profile through my research of finding a good tutor and I have been thankful ever since that I found him. He directs students exactly to what they should be looking for in terms of exam technique, skills and geographical knowledge. And in only 4months, 6 hours a week we were able to cover 90% of the content and the necessary skills required to answer exam questions. I would like to thank you for everything, you have been by far the best Geography teacher I ever had lessons with. Not to mention, he has a humorous personality and is accepting of every culture. I would totally recommend him to any student looking to improve from a low grade to be a top student in Geography.

Chryssa Economou, 2020 Byron College Greece: Andrew is a great teacher who is always enthusiastic and happy while teaching. He has helped me in how to structure and write perfect essays in which not only I can use this structure in geography but in other subjects as well as in university. Hence I achieved a grade A in Unit 1 and a grade B in Unit 2 from a U. Also he has taught me how to answer all questions perfectly by writing a numerous essays every week similar to exams and receiving great feedback. In addition, he is kind and willing to help even when no class has been scheduled by just answering my questions before the exams. It is a pity that those were cancelled as Andrew prepared me in reaching a grade A. Thank you for all your support and help throughout my A level course and couldn't be any grateful in teaching me.!

Marina Papanastassiou, parent of Chryssa Economou, 2020 Byron College, Greece.: Andrew is an excellent geography tutor and an amazing educator. Under his guidance and continuous support my daughter Chryssa, who wants to study Zoology, earned for her AS International Edexcel exams, an A in Unit A and a very high Unit 2. Andrew’s unique teaching method helped Chryssa not only to achieve excellent grades but helped her gain a deep understanding of the subject and analytical and critical skills that are transferable to other academic subjects. The two-hour lesson with Andrew was an exciting learning process. It is a pity that she will not be able to sit for her A2 exams for which she was fully prepared and felt very confident. According to Chryssa, Andrew is the best teacher she ever had in her school life. I, as a Russel Group University Professor, recognise Andrew’s invaluable pedagogical skills and as parent I am thankful and grateful for his precious contribution to my daughter’s education. Thank you!

Ellie Moore, Bradfield College, 2020: Andrew is very kind and has supported me over the past 2 years. As a dyslexic I have my own way of learning and Andrew has adapted his teaching especially for me. He is so knowledgeable and makes learning interesting and fun. Moreover he is very committed and cares about and is interested in his pupils and their success. He particularly takes time to offer support before exams and sends notes from lessons to refer to and reflect on. He also talks to parents to reassure and as my Brother will go on to take A level Geography he will most definitely be signed up again! Thank you so much for all you have done for me! This years A levels are ruined but I am sure I will use all I have learnt in my future life....not just the Geography but for my essay writing and I have definitely learnt to believe in myself more! Thank you so much Els

Hayden Froggart, Birmingham, 2020: Andrew has been immensely important for all aspects of my growth in AQA A Level Geography. I am very disappointed that the exams have been cancelled because I had already seen such a great increase in my work and with more enjoyable but hard-working lessons from Andrew and I was looking forward to increasing more for my final exams. If you are looking for a warm, friendly and supportive tutor, look no further than Andrew!

Madeleine Cheung, Sibford School, 2020: Andrew has been my history tutor for only a short while and I am sad to have been forced to say goodbye so soon. Andrew is funny and friendly whilst being down to earth; something rare these days. He has built up my confidence massively as I am now achieving grades far beyond what I had hoped. I am only disappointed that I do not get to prove his successive sessions in an exam this summer.

Luca Soleil, Bambury, 2020: Andrew is a great help for anybody who may be struggling, with their history A-Level. His thorough explanations and dissection of how to write an essay, with such structure and content , ensure that one can quickly learn the method of forming a high level essay that is sure to receive the highest grades. Furthermore, with his full knowledge on the subject, as well as his funny sense of humour that makes lessons entertaining, Andy is a fantastic tutor who I would strongly recommend to anyone struggling with their A Level. I can guarantee his help would lead to a more positive grade for the individual.

Madelaine Measures, Bambury, 2020: Andrew was really helpful in improving my history a level abilities. My exam technique lacked, but our lessons provided me with a clear structure for all types of questions. As result I saw a big improvement in my technique allowing me to pick up as many marks as possible. He gave me constructive feedback and clear suggestions on how to improve where necessary. Our lessons also helped improve my knowledge which was really helpful. Highly recommend!

Faiz, London, 2020: Andrew has a very simple and straightforward way of teaching. As a result, this has made my studies easier with his assistance. His overall personality makes learning fun and more interesting. I would highly recommend him to anyone, he raised my usually attainment by 2 levels from a six to an eight.

Amy Wolowski, JCOS 2020: Andrew is such a great tutor he has helped me so much through my A Level when I was struggling, especially for coursework help or exam questions.

Jay, London, 2020: Andrew was an excellent tutor that really helped me become the best historian I could be. He helped me immensely with my coursework that made it a great piece of work. Would highly recommend.

Sophia Magson, Northampton, 2020: Andrew is a brilliant teacher who has changed the way I tackle exams. Not only has he boosted my geographical knowledge, but has taught me the right techniques to use this knowledge in an exam. Without our weekly lessons I wouldn’t have come close to an A!

Georgia Soning JCOS, 2020: Andrew has been an amazing tutor who has helped me improve from a D at mocks to getting As. Andrew has expertise knowledge on all topics of the a level including the NEA which have helped me improve in all aspects of the A level, specifically exam technique. 5 stars couldn’t recommend more!

Eniola, London- 2019: Andrew is a really good tutor that helped me get my head around some difficult geographical ideas and was integral in helping me improve my gcse grade to a Level 6.

Juskaran, Charter House School: I was struggling with Geography before engaging Andrew to provide support for my iGCSE. He really helped me with filling in the gaps with respect to my understanding of the syllabus and how to improve my exam techniques. In addition he helped me further my understanding of the fieldwork and with his support I was able to achieve a 7. I would highly recommend Andrew his knowledge and teaching style are excellent.

Amina Jiwa, London-2019: Andrew has been an awesome tutor to my daughter for her gcse geography. She could not have managed to do so well as she was falling behind in a very competitive school from a 4 to an 8 . We can not commend him enough .Thanks for being a very supportive tutor and enabling her to far exceed our expectations

Henny Styles, Worcester, 2019: Excellent tutor who supported and helped me to achieve a B grade at A level. I would highly recommend his tuition.

Efan Morris, High Wycombe- 2019: Andrew has helped me greatly to fulfil my potential in the subject, this can be justified by me achieving an A in my A-levels. He is very committed in his work and goes the extra mile when it comes to helping you. Furthermore, he is also a very likeable person thus making the tutorials a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Orlando Mace, Marlborough College- 2019: Andrew is a great tutor who is incredibly kind and also knowledgeable in his expertise. If you struggle in any topic of the subject and need someone to explain it to you, Andrew is the man.

Matthew Kingston- 2019: Andrew is a great tutor who helped me to achieve 2 grades above my predicted grades in the space of 4 months by helping me to focus on specific areas and exam technique. I would recommend him as a very helpful and friendly teacher to anyone looking to improve.

Tom Hanford, Surrey- 2019: I had Andrew for about a year, and with his help I managed to go from an E at the end of the first year to a B! Excellent tutor would fully recommend!

Tim Kami-Hawkings, Reading Blue Coat School- 2019: Very knowledgeable and stand up funny man! Had an absolute blast working with Andy, he managed to really capture my interest in Geography and increased my grade by 2 levels from my previous mock results. We went through countless essays and essay writing techniques as well as covering a broad range of topics and points. Andy is very good at understanding my weak points and finding ways to improve these areas as well as keeping lessons light hearted and interesting. Having a new perspective in geography to learn from than my teachers at school, showed me how interesting geography is and has led me to continue studying geography further into my career!

Matthew, Hampshire- 2019: Hi Andrew thank you for all the tutoring and support you gave to Matthew. He achieved a Grade A in Geography and he was so pleased. He enjoyed the lessons with you and the feedback you gave him on his homework questions really helped Matthew to understand what he needed to improve and how to do it. When he saw the improvement this boosted his confidence and he went into the exams believing he could answer the questions. Once again, thank you! Dawn

Chris, Ipswich- 2019: Andrew is a great help for anybody who may be struggling, or just want extra help, with their Geography A-Level. His thorough walk through and dissection of how to write an essay, content-wise and structure-wise, ensure that one can quickly grasp the method of forming a coherent essay that is sure to receive high marks. Furthermore, he formulates his lessons on the individual, ensuring that the student is receiving help on topics that most trouble them. With his full knowledge on the subject, as well as his good humour that makes lessons entertaining (yet remaining informative) Andrew is a tutor who I would readily recommend to any who struggle with their A-levels. In my case, his assistance helped turn last year's D into a solid A, such is the ability of Andrew and his teaching.

Siddarth Gowrishankar, High Wycombe- 2019:Andrew is a brilliant and very knowledgeable tutor who really helped me over the course of A Level Geography, would highly recommend to anyone who is currently or planning on studying Geography.

Aoife Teegan, Manchester- 2019: Morning Andrew, Just received my results! I GOT AN A!!! Thank you so much for all your help since September last year I honestly don’t think I would’ve got that grade if it wasn’t for the extra help! You’re a fantastic tutor, I have your email saved and will definitely pass it on to future students! Thanks again, Aoife.

Toby Wood, Mount Kelly School- 2018: I had Andrew for about 18 months, very knowledgeable in both History and Geography A Level courses and easy to get along with. Fully recommend to anyone doing either course.

Tom Harrison, Mount Kelly School- 2018: I had Andrew for 2 months before I took my A level geography exam, and in that time he had taught me how to effectively answer questions and how to include all the relevant detail. because of this I was able to achieve the grade I needed to be accepted into my university of choice.

Jemima Thomas, Godolphin School- 2018: Andrews lessons were amazing. I learnt so much in such a short space of time and geography topics I had previously not understood at school, Andrew made it so understandable through both videos and exam style questions. His lessons certainly boosted my confidence for answering the harder questions and I would really recommend to anyone studying Geography.

Jess Tregoning, Godolphin School- 2018: I was tutored by Andrew running up to my Geography A Level examinations. The sessions were very beneficial and I ended up with achieving a top grade which I definitely wouldn’t have done before! I got an A I can't believe it!

Luke Garner- 2018: Thanks Andrew, you really helped me with my geography A level and also your help was key to me achieving a good coursework grade. The resources you provided were really good and the feedback from my homework was excellent. You really helped me to prepare for my exams. Celyn Ensell-Bowen, Budehaven School- 2018: I recently took my A level geography exam and can say that the tutor sessions that I had were incredibly helpful and gave me the confidence and extra knowledge that I needed. Mr Laming definitely knows his stuff and i recommend him to anyone who is struggling with geography A level or who needs to refresh their knowledge. Ben Ryder, Marlborough College- 2018: Andrew is a great teacher who really enhanced my geographical language by as well as helping out massively with my project which was incredibly helpful. Andrew is very good at simplifying things which makes everything a whole lot easier especially when it comes to the complicated concepts. I would recommend him to any student who is looking to do a-level geography and needs a little help . What’s great is he covers a variety of boards as well!! Ellana Dawe, Mount Kelly School- 2018: Andrew has been a keen and helpful A level geography tutor through my exam period. He has a good teaching style, bringing past paper questions to the lessons, adapting it to the exam board I was doing. I found his advice very useful in the exam and am now waiting on results which will hopefully reflect the effort Andrew and I put in. Thank you Andrew for your help.

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