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Eniola, London- 2019: Andrew is a really good tutor that helped me get my head around some difficult geographical ideas and was integral in helping me improve my gcse grade to a Level 6.

Juskaran, Charter House School: I was struggling with Geography before engaging Andrew to provide support for my iGCSE. He really helped me with filling in the gaps with respect to my understanding of the syllabus and how to improve my exam techniques. In addition he helped me further my understanding of the fieldwork and with his support I was able to achieve a 7. I would highly recommend Andrew his knowledge and teaching style are excellent.

Amina Jiwa, London-2019: Andrew has been an awesome tutor to my daughter for her gcse geography. She could not have managed to do so well as she was falling behind in a very competitive school from a 4 to an 8 . We can not commend him enough .Thanks for being a very supportive tutor and enabling her to far exceed our expectations

Henny Styles, Worcester, 2019: Excellent tutor who supported and helped me to achieve a B grade at A level. I would highly recommend his tuition.

Efan Morris, High Wycombe- 2019: Andrew has helped me greatly to fulfil my potential in the subject, this can be justified by me achieving an A in my A-levels. He is very committed in his work and goes the extra mile when it comes to helping you. Furthermore, he is also a very likeable person thus making the tutorials a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Orlando Mace, Marlborough College- 2019: Andrew is a great tutor who is incredibly kind and also knowledgeable in his expertise. If you struggle in any topic of the subject and need someone to explain it to you, Andrew is the man.

Matthew Kingston- 2019: Andrew is a great tutor who helped me to achieve 2 grades above my predicted grades in the space of 4 months by helping me to focus on specific areas and exam technique. I would recommend him as a very helpful and friendly teacher to anyone looking to improve.

Tom Hanford, Surrey- 2019: I had Andrew for about a year, and with his help I managed to go from an E at the end of the first year to a B! Excellent tutor would fully recommend!

Tim Kami-Hawkings, Reading Blue Coat School- 2019: Very knowledgeable and stand up funny man! Had an absolute blast working with Andy, he managed to really capture my interest in Geography and increased my grade by 2 levels from my previous mock results. We went through countless essays and essay writing techniques as well as covering a broad range of topics and points. Andy is very good at understanding my weak points and finding ways to improve these areas as well as keeping lessons light hearted and interesting. Having a new perspective in geography to learn from than my teachers at school, showed me how interesting geography is and has led me to continue studying geography further into my career!

Matthew, Hampshire- 2019: Hi Andrew thank you for all the tutoring and support you gave to Matthew. He achieved a Grade A in Geography and he was so pleased. He enjoyed the lessons with you and the feedback you gave him on his homework questions really helped Matthew to understand what he needed to improve and how to do it. When he saw the improvement this boosted his confidence and he went into the exams believing he could answer the questions. Once again, thank you! Dawn

Chris, Ipswich- 2019: Andrew is a great help for anybody who may be struggling, or just want extra help, with their Geography A-Level. His thorough walk through and dissection of how to write an essay, content-wise and structure-wise, ensure that one can quickly grasp the method of forming a coherent essay that is sure to receive high marks. Furthermore, he formulates his lessons on the individual, ensuring that the student is receiving help on topics that most trouble them. With his full knowledge on the subject, as well as his good humour that makes lessons entertaining (yet remaining informative) Andrew is a tutor who I would readily recommend to any who struggle with their A-levels. In my case, his assistance helped turn last year's D into a solid A, such is the ability of Andrew and his teaching.

Siddarth Gowrishankar, High Wycombe- 2019:Andrew is a brilliant and very knowledgeable tutor who really helped me over the course of A Level Geography, would highly recommend to anyone who is currently or planning on studying Geography.

Aoife Teegan, Manchester- 2019: Morning Andrew, Just received my results! I GOT AN A!!! Thank you so much for all your help since September last year I honestly don’t think I would’ve got that grade if it wasn’t for the extra help! You’re a fantastic tutor, I have your email saved and will definitely pass it on to future students! Thanks again, Aoife.

Toby Wood, Mount Kelly School- 2018: I had Andrew for about 18 months, very knowledgeable in both History and Geography A Level courses and easy to get along with. Fully recommend to anyone doing either course.

Tom Harrison, Mount Kelly School- 2018: I had Andrew for 2 months before I took my A level geography exam, and in that time he had taught me how to effectively answer questions and how to include all the relevant detail. because of this I was able to achieve the grade I needed to be accepted into my university of choice.

Jemima Thomas, Godolphin School- 2018: Andrews lessons were amazing. I learnt so much in such a short space of time and geography topics I had previously not understood at school, Andrew made it so understandable through both videos and exam style questions. His lessons certainly boosted my confidence for answering the harder questions and I would really recommend to anyone studying Geography.

Jess Tregoning, Godolphin School- 2018: I was tutored by Andrew running up to my Geography A Level examinations. The sessions were very beneficial and I ended up with achieving a top grade which I definitely wouldn’t have done before! I got an A I can't believe it!

Luke Garner- 2018: Thanks Andrew, you really helped me with my geography A level and also your help was key to me achieving a good coursework grade. The resources you provided were really good and the feedback from my homework was excellent. You really helped me to prepare for my exams. Celyn Ensell-Bowen, Budehaven School- 2018: I recently took my A level geography exam and can say that the tutor sessions that I had were incredibly helpful and gave me the confidence and extra knowledge that I needed. Mr Laming definitely knows his stuff and i recommend him to anyone who is struggling with geography A level or who needs to refresh their knowledge. Ben Ryder, Marlborough College- 2018: Andrew is a great teacher who really enhanced my geographical language by as well as helping out massively with my project which was incredibly helpful. Andrew is very good at simplifying things which makes everything a whole lot easier especially when it comes to the complicated concepts. I would recommend him to any student who is looking to do a-level geography and needs a little help . What’s great is he covers a variety of boards as well!! Ellana Dawe, Mount Kelly School- 2018: Andrew has been a keen and helpful A level geography tutor through my exam period. He has a good teaching style, bringing past paper questions to the lessons, adapting it to the exam board I was doing. I found his advice very useful in the exam and am now waiting on results which will hopefully reflect the effort Andrew and I put in. Thank you Andrew for your help.

Client Reviews

Natasha - Geography

very informative, helpful and interesting

Natasha - Geography

very helpful

Georgia - Geography

very helpful!!

Amy - Geography

Really helpful!!

Uma - Geography

Very good, covered exactly what I wanted to cover, overall very helpful.

karen - Geography

Really helpful going through essay and learning the structure

karen - Geography

Really helpful ! Now understand the basics of the carbon cycle !

Timothy - Geography

great knowledge, understands how to teach me very well, is efficient, marks well with good critical points to work at

Juskaran - Geography

very good and informative

Sarah - Geography

Really helpful


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