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About Me

I am an Imperial College London BSc. Biomedical Science graduate (1st Class Honours) where I ranked 1st and 2nd in the cohort in the first and second year respectively with a prize in second year for best coursework and third year for best dissertation. I am now completing a PhD. in Pharmacology at the University of Cambridge as a Harding Distinguished Scholar at Christ's College.

My high school studies were completed in Thailand where I did the IB programme and received 40 points overall with a 7 in HL Biology, 7 in HL Chemistry, 6 in HL Math and an A in my Chemistry EE. At IGCSE level I received 7 A stars and 2 As as well as the highest score in International Mathematics in the UAE.

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering - for example, I was a volunteer with the North Paddington Food Bank and Westminster Council during the COVID-19 pandemic where I delivered food to vulnerable patients daily. I have also previously worked with Make A Wish Thailand and ReachOut UK, both involved with supporting children in different ways. I have also served on the representative committees for the Harding Distinguish Scholarship and the Pharmacology BSc. at ICL.

My experiences have developed me into an approachable, caring person who is very easy to talk to and the way I teach has been praised by the parents of all my students as being very different and much more effective. I enjoy working with students of all ages and understand all students are different and tailor my lessons to suit their individual needs.

Tutor Experience

I have been tutoring over 15 students in the UK for the last 4 years in:

GCSE - Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
A Level - Chemistry and Biology
IB - Chemistry, Biology, Extended Essay, IA's (higher level and standard level)
Entrance exams - BMAT
University Applications - Various UK universities including, City University and University of Warwick.

All my students have had excellent results so far and have gotten into the universities that they were applying to with my help.

Topic Expertise

Math - 11+, 13+, GCSE, IB SL,
Science (Biology and Chemistry) - All levels up to and including IB/A-level, and university courses
English - 11+, 13+
IELTS - Entrance Exam Preparation
SAT - Exam Preparation
Personal Statement Writing for University

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PhD. Pharmacology (University of Cambridge, currently completing)
1st Class BSc. Biomedical Science (Imperial College London)


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