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University of Aberdeen - Politics and International Relations - PhD


Extremely dedicated and highly-motivated educator, all-round 'people person' with a wealth of experience tutoring, lecturing and supervising research projects.

Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 33 Last Online: 23 Jun 2021
All-time Students: 12 Total Classes: 32 Signed Up: 22 Mar 2021

About me

For me, education and teaching is not simply a job, nor a means of securing an income, nor even a 'passion'; it is a vocation. It is something which my individual constellation of attributes and experience has rendered me exceptionally good at, and I immensely enjoy it.

Whilst I cannot in good-conscious guarantee you a specific grade or outcome, I can guarantee that in me you will have a hard-working, conscientious tutor, fully-invested in your success, and I will try my utmost to help you achieve your aims.

Tutor Experience

I have seven years of experience teaching and mentoring at university level in a wide variety of subjects. These include Research/Study Skills, Dissertation Supervision, Politics, International Relations, Strategic Studies, History, Sociology and Philosophy. I have also worked on the University of Aberdeen's 'Access to Degree Studies' program, which involved helping people back into education.

I have taught extensively in both in-person and online settings, and fully appreciate the similarities, differences and demands of both.

I have always placed a premium on the quality of my teaching. This involves recognising that more is required than subject matter expertise. Quality teaching is an equal relationship between knowledge, communication skills, and interpersonal rapport.

Topic Expertise

All of the below at University level-

International Relations
Strategic and Security Studies

Academic Writing
Dissertation Writing
Research Methods/Skills
Examination Preparation/Skills
Re-entering Education

Client Reviews

Harriet - Dissertations

Good academic skills and constructive criticism. Easy to work with, friendly yet professional and flexible.

Manpreet - Academic Writing

Great tutor!

Price: $52/hr

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PhD in Politics and International Relations

MSc Strategic Studies (With Distinction)

BA (Hons) in Applied Social Science (1st Class Honours)


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