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I am specialized in teaching Linux operating system as well as the cybersecurity, digital forensics and ethical hacking. I am focusing on my PhD into Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics. I do teach theory, coding as well as practical aspects of computer science.

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About me

I am very passionate in teaching and helping students in learning. I have bachelor of engineering and master of engineering degree. I am IBM certified Cybersecurity Analyst as well as IBM certified Data Analyst. Apart from that I have done many certifications some of them are listed below:
1) Google IT Support Professional
2) Google IT Automation using Python
3) Linux from Linux Foundation
4) Ethical Hacking
5) System Analysis

I have found major challenge which the world is facing while using Linux is Process Security Issue. I have provided a solution to that problem and it is published in an international journal.

Currently, I am focused on doing my PhD research in Cybersecurity as well as Digital Forensics. I am focused in CIA part of cybersecurity which stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

I want to use my knowledge to help students learn in better way and make it use for innovation and creation.

Tutor Experience

I taught undergrad university students of engineering abut operating system and Linux using the class room methods provided by the university.

I also taught so many postgrad students how to perform research and advanced computer science topic online.

Currently I am focusing on my PhD in Cybersecurity and guiding students across the world about recent trends as well as Ethical Hacking which is also important.

Topic Expertise

Following are the list of my Subject Expertise
1) Computer Science
I can teach computer science from vary basics like block diagram of modern computer to advanced.
2) Computer Architecture
In this part, How computer actually works is covered. like how ALU, CU and MU works while we use computer.
3) C Programming
4) Computer Networks
Networking protocols and how the internet is working as well as how to create your own network.
5) C++ Programming
4) Java Programming
5) Software Engineering
Software Engineering is very important for any computer person. In this particular subject, various software development models like water fall, spiral, scrum etc are covered. This also includes risk management and cost estimation for software design.
6) Python Programming
7) Compiler Design
without compiler there is no use of programming language. In this subject, I can teach how one can develop own compiler, how compiler works, what are different stages where compiler generates machine code etc.
8) Linux
As truly said, best operating system for engineers. starting from very basics from installation to more advanced things like kernel programming is covered.
9) Cybersecurity
Focuses on CIA - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. How one can stay safe digitally is also important and covered in this subject.
10) Ethical Hacking
Total opposite of hacking. Ethical hacking requires much broader skills and in depth knowledge about how one hacker is doing the things. ethical hacker is using their skills in opposed to hackers in order to save the company and resources. It is most important element now a days of digital era.
11) Digital Electronics and System Integration
How the computer can be constructed by using various electrical and electronics part is comes under this subject. this let the student know about logical gates, and various digital circuits which when integrated makes a computer.
12) Database Management
Data is crucial part. we know that computer can process data. but when we talk about saving or storing data, database management comes into picture. this is the most effective way of storing data in organized as well as unorganized manner.
13) Operating System
without this computer is just a bare hardware. Operating system covers many aspects of process management, memory management, security, resource handling etc. This is most important subject and considered as core subject of computer science.
14) Artificial Intelligence
Now a days, world is moving towards digitization. Artificial intelligence focuses on how to make computer works like human works. It discusses common algorithms, neural network, turing thesis to make computer intelligent.
15) Machine Learning
It is the way by which computer can learn just like we human learn. deep learning and machine learning are closely related and now becomes the part of computer science.
16) Cloud Computing.
As the name says, cloud computing means making everything cloud. it discusses type of cloud and use of it. you can not take your desktop and laptop everywhere, so cloud computing gives solution how to access your resources whenever and wherever you want.

and many more.

Client Reviews

Kirsty - Computer Science

Friendly, very helpful lesson

Rowan - Computer Science

Very well accredited and through. Good communication! looking forward to booking again,

Reef - Programming


Reef - Programming

Great tutor, knows everything I needed to know and more.


"I had a great Interaction with Krunalkumar, and he sorted out the tools I need for my courses. I recommend him to anyone doing IT Security and cybersecurity. His skills are amazing and hoping to work with him in the near future. Stay Safe" -Michael Horgle

“very friendly and very proficient”

“he is very patience, and his explanation is very clear. It is very helpful for me.”

“Clear and concise answer, made good use of time and collaboration tools”

“Really helpful nice dude! Had to clue how to do a certain thing on access and he was able to easily explain it right away.”

“Great lesson!!!”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable”

“good lesson .”

“He was very helpful and went step by step. He also made sure to go above and beyond to make sure I fully understood the content.”

“Excellent Tutor. I would recommend this Tutor to any student. He is very helpful and knowledgeable.”

“Krunalkumar guided me through the process of creating and improving an effective entity relationship diagram.”

“He was very helpful. I would have been lost without his help! Thank you so much!”

“It was a perfect lessson! He was the only one who could guide my computer networking work, and I wouldn't have done this work without him. He is very patient and willing to help you step by step! Take his lesson!!”

“Very knowledgeable. Highly recommend him!”

“Provides helpful information and thorough explanations.”

“there was internet issue on both end but krunal kumar helped a lot great instructor.”

“Another lesson with Krunalkumar and i am speechless, very quick in explaining and typing codes once requested. Better than any tutor in real life that I have studied with, would definitely recommend!”

“He is awesome, but he actually went thru a online file which kind of good to understand as a starter”

“Fast with the solving”

“Krunalkumar was such an attentive tutor! I was having simple but major problems with a last minute project and he taught me a long the way so I knew what issues I was having. By the end of my lesson, he helped me tidy up and make my program presentable! So so very thankful for his time and effort into my program! I recommend Krunalkumar for his expertise in programming, teaching and patience to deliver outstanding results!”

“good at explaining the content”

“He spends a lot of time helping with what you need to do. Do not worry because if you are afraid of not knowing what to do. He will guide you through it if you have a problem. This is a really good and quality tutor.”

“very helpfull”

“Great tutor”

“very patient”

“Helpful explanations”

“very helpful and nice”

“responsible tutor”

“Good Teaching”

“Explained HTML with ease”

“Great explanation of topic! I understand the concepts and what is being asked in assignment. Thank you!”

“He is very thorough and patient. Very helpful and will make sure you know what you are doing and explain concepts easily”


“Helpful in working out the logic of some programming examples. Great help”

“Krunalkumar is the only professor who is worthy of having exceptional knowledge about Computer Architecture. He helped on the topic of Scoreboarding in Computer Architecture unlike a lot of other Tutors who are in the same field who were not familiar with this topic because it was out of their expertise. All in all, Krunalkumar is the best, hands down!”

“Krunalkumar is an excellent Tutor. He is very helpful and knows a lot about Computer Architecture. He helps you guide through the lesson and helps you with fixing and explaining the syntax errors you made in your code. I would recommend any student to get assistance from him because he does his absolute best to help students.”

“Very helpful professor. Provide details to guide you through fixing and solving your code. I would highly recommend Krunalkumar Shah to any student in the field of Computer Science. He is the absolute best.”

“Very helpful and willing to make sure students understand”

“Very good! Has passion and meaningful insights. Do check him out!”

“Sir amazingly explained all missing concepts of C programming, and have assisted me in solving my questions by giving me line-by-line explanations of C programming code. 10/10 would definitely schedule again.”

“Krunalkumar is really helpful”

“Awesome. At first I had no idea what he was explaining but then it all came together. Very good teacher.”

“Very helpful Tutor. Has excellent knowledge because Krunalkumar knows how to guide students towards the correct answer and does his best to make students understand the material.”

"Krunalkumar is an excellent professional and a person who likes to share his technical knowledge with colleagues in the IT area. With strong knowledge and experience in the area of cybersecurity and networks, it is an essential element in any organization." -Eduardo Dias

"Krunalkumar is an excellent resource. His knowledge and eagerness to teach and share the wealth of information shows with his actions. One of his best assets is his teaching background; being able to convey technical jargon to non-technical people is a rare trade, this makes him stand out from other candidates in the IT realm." -Jose Alicea

"Krunalkumar Shah is great in terms of teaching as well as developing. I learned so many things about database and sql along with programming language. I am recommending Krunalkumar Shah for his great knowledge and his extraordinary personality." -Mitesh Patel

"Krunalkumar Shah is a very hard working, dedicated and highly intelligent professional who excels at what he does. I believe he has tremendous potential and I could easily see him as Information Technology Director in a major blue chip company. His attitude is the best I have seen and his personal would be a tremendous asset to many companies." -Joseph Ede

"Krunalkumar with your skills and qualifications you can be the next Bill Gates! Don’t forget all prodigies that will come in path to success. ☑️" -Sumita Karmakar

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Background Checks



1) Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering with First Class from the State Government University
During my Bachelor I did subjects like computer security, computer architecture, database management, programming, compilers, operating systems, computer networks etc.
2) Master of Engineering in Information Technology with First Class from the State Government University
I found a major security issue that was there in one of the best operating system called Linux, and I provided a solution which is published in International Journal.
3) I am registered member of IAENG International Association of Engineers. I am also the part of ISOC which governs the standards of Internet. (ISOC stands for Internet Society).
4) IBM certified Cybersecurity Analyst
Cybersecurity is very important during these days. I did incident responding, security analysis, vulnerability testing, as penetration testing.
5) Linux Foundation certified Linux Specialist
In this, I did Linux from very basics to much more advanced. like from installation to kernel level stuffs.
6) Google IT Support Professional
How one can provide a Information Technology support to any organization is done during this course.
7) Google IT Automation Using Python
Python is one of the most advanced computer programming language. How one can automate daily task by using python, is google it automation using python is about,
8) 5 days Faculty Development Program on Cybersecurity at various places which are Gujarat Technological University and AICTE ( All India Council of Technical Education )


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