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I am a young but accomplished Biochemistry tutor who gets results

Recent Students: 17 Total Hours: 292 Last Online: 16 Jan 2021
All-time Students: 23 Total Classes: 278 Signed Up: 04 Sep 2018

About me

I am a medical writer by profession, once I completed my PhD and postdocs (publishing research in Nature and Biochemistry journals) I decided to branch out into the commercial world of medical communications. This has increased my eye for detail and computer skills to a level I never thought possible. I tutor at every opportunity I get and love helping people increase their knowledge of science (please see my reviews - I receive excellent feedback)

Tutor Experience

I have worked as a science tutor for the past two years and have loved every minute. During my PhD and subsequent time in academia I taught a range of levels and am expert in teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics from GCSE level up to University level. At higher levels of education I can teach my specialist subjects including Biochemistry, Structural Biology and Molecular Biology.

With enthusiasm, careful planning and knowledge you can improve a students results and enjoyment of the subject, Tutoring is such a rewarding business to be involved in and what makes me a good tutor is that I teach out of love for the subject.

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