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Newcastle University - Economics / PGCE in Maths - BA


My degree was mixture of micro and macroeconomics alongside a healthy dose of econometrics.
As a highly quantitative degree it provided me with perfect platform for a successful career as a maths and economics teacher and tutor.

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About me

I am the head of maths at Swanlea School, one of the highest performing maths departments in the borough of Tower Hamlets. I love my job.

In my spare time I enjoy sports, travelling and reading.
Sports - I enjoy playing most sports but my preferences are football, running and cycling. I used to play rugby but persistent injury meant I had to give it up. I have recently taken up skiing and cannot wait to do more!
I follow the mighty Tottenham Hotspur, F1 and international rugby.

Travel - I try to get away a few times a year and have visited every continent bar Antartica (one day!). The countries that hold a special place in my heart are Cuba and Kenya (the country of my birth). I am trying to teach myself Spansh with mixed results!

Reading - I mainly read non-fiction in the form of investment strategy, pop-economics and professional development books, although I do have a soft spot for fictional thrillers.

Tutor Experience

As a teacher (current Head of Maths) with seven years experience both teaching Maths and Economics A Level I have honed my craft and know what needs to be done to get students to reach their full potential.

Over the last six years I have tutored students from Years 6-13 (ages 11-18) alongside teaching full-time. I am mainly specialised towards helping those with upcoming exams at GCSE and A Level. As a result I have developed a wealth of experience tutoring those struggling with exam technique.

Maths - As a GCSE maths examiner (Edexcel) and A Level teacher I have gained an extensive insight into how questions should be approached and what techniques are most successful. I have used this knowledge to tailor my approach with a combination of exam style, problem solving questions and low stakes testing of key skills.

Economics - I founded the Economics department at my previous school, teaching the AQA syllabus. The most important factor of success at A-level is to develop exam technique and tackle big mark questions in a logical methodical manner. I like to discuss and plan big mark questions with students to help them structure their answers and I also look to test their raw skills using multiple choice questions, much like those found in the exams.

Topic Expertise

A-level and GCSE maths
GCSE maths examiner (Edexcel)
GCSE Statistics


You have helped me truly understand how to think mathematically. Maths A-level didn't make to make sense to me until you explained it and gave me a deeper understanding! Thanks for everything! Keanu Hughes

Jeremy has been tutoring my children for the last 5 years. My eldest child took her Maths GCSE last year and achieved a grade 9! Now he needs to do the same with my second eldest. Thanks Jeremy! Anika Darame, parent of Amira and Walid

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MA - Leadership (UCL)
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