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University of East Anglia, School of Education and Lifelong Learning - Doctor of Philosophy - Education


I am experienced admission prep tutor (GRE, ACT, GMAT & SAT). I will be happy to show you an effective test-taking approach to help you prepare for the exam. I have taught several courses on the SAT, GRE, and GMAT in New York City. I have taught mathematics in University and High school level in NYC. I am currently a second-year PhD Mathematics Education student at the University of East Anglia.

Recent Students: 22 Total Hours: 140 Last Online: 20 Jan 2021
All-time Students: 27 Total Classes: 150 Signed Up: 28 May 2019

About me

Dear Students & Parents,

Teaching mathematics is my life long passion. Since becoming a tutor, I can reach many students and help them with their goal of achieving high results. I approach tutoring students with a positive attitude and caring for students weakness. Through online teaching techniques, I have established a strong foundation in creating an engaging environment for students to learn.

Every student has a unique learning ability toward mathematics. Each session will be on spires and have an online blackboard for the student to see the work. I don't lecture students, instead guide them through the problem looking for their understanding and improvement of the topic. Over the years, I have strengthened my ability to point out the weaknesses of the student in the first lesson.

Most importantly, communication between parent, student, and tutor is the key to success. I am available around the clock to answer the important question about the student session. I believe in a humble approach to tutoring and look forward to working with you.



Tutor Experience

I have tutored numerous students towards helping them achieve their ideal exam score. I take a kind and caring approach to tutoring that allow my students to wonder about the question and tricks to solve it. The goal is to make them enjoy mathematics and improve exam scores at the same time.

Topic Expertise

High School Regents NYS
finite mathematics

Client Reviews

Mia - GMAT

Matthew was friendly and knowledgeable, however I was expecting more structure to the session to provide me with strategies I could leverage when approaching Quant questions / guidance on how I should be structuring my studies. We launched straight into working through a selection of specific algebra problems without really understanding the objective of the session. I found it difficult to follow at times as I like to write out problems as I work through them.

Gianluca - GRE

Mathew really helped me understand how to tackle many different types of questions. His practical approach makes everything much clearer and he is able to simply complex problems easily.

Hugo - GRE

Matthew is a great tutor! He helped me to prepare effectively for the GRE exam. He has good knowledge on both quantitative and verbal section and gave me good support as well as good material to work on.

Christopher - GRE

Very interactive, not to just focused on the job. I was able to ask questions. In general, he has a wonderful personality. I just booked more lessons.

theobald - GMAT

Matthew helped me with the mathematical part of the GMAT. He was a very good tutor in helping me gain a good understanding of what was needed to be done. He also has a large range of practise questions with answers which was a great help for doing individual work. Furthermore he provided me with a booklet he made himself with all the the formulas one would need for the GMAT which was a great help when working on my own in understanding the maths. Would highly recommend.

Price: $60-70/hr

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University of East Anglia,School of Education and Lifelong Learning, Norwich, UK
Doctor of Philosophy, Expected: Spring 2023

Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, NY
Master of Arts, February 2017
Mathematics Education

New York University, Polytechnic School of Engineering, Brooklyn, NY
Bachelor of Science, May 2015


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