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Salford - MSc in Building Information Modelling and Digital Built Environment - MEng in Architecture, BA in Industrial Design


Experienced Architectural Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the Construction Industry. Skilled in Design Management, Archicad modelling, Solibri model checking, Cinema4D 3D Visualisation, Sketching, Adobe Photoshop, and Product Design. Strong research professional with a Master of Science - MS focused in Building Information Modelling and Digital Built Environment from The University of Salford.

I am a Designer, Architect and BIM Expert with a privileged background in the field of Manufacture, Construction and Heritage Conservation.

Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 5 Last Online: 27 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 3 Total Classes: 6 Signed Up: 28 Jan 2020

About me

Along with Design undergraduate course at TabrizIAU, I continued my studies with a master of engineering in Architecture to develop the skills of mine in Engineering, Drafting and Architectural Trends.
In 2013, I started to work as an intern in Furniture industry in GCS. This experience made me a diligent designer who not only has needed know-how in manufacture processes and providing docs but also has belief in his outstanding and ambitious ideas. In 2015, after having some freelance interior design projects, I used my design skills to work in construction industry and did a decent internship in ARME BON.

During my postgraduate course, I worked as a privileged architectural designer in construction projects full-time in summer and part-time all the year. Including three firms: SKN, SamiDesign and Parsi+Partners+People.

After university, I started to work in a prosperous construction firm: ISP as an Architectural Designer and my responsibilities were not only dealing with architectural and construction plans and 3D visualisations but also they changed to a higher level e.g. writing contracts, documentations and meeting managements.
After gaining gradually academic and professional qualifications, I started to work in digital heritage industry and conservative projects. This experience made me a better 3D Visualisation Expert, Product Coordinator and a Designer for heritage conservative projects. Most of the clients that we had were from Public Sector.

It will never late to something new… Nowadays, I am doing an interesting course of Master of Science in Building Information Modelling and Digital Built Environment. My focus is on Digitalisation and Changing Behaviours in Construction Industry and Facility Management of Heritage Buildings.

Tutor Experience

I possess experience in teaching 3D modelling for about 6 months. My focus was in Archicad and CINEMA4D but I am good at other software packages like Solibri, Rhinoceros and Solidworks. I am ready to learn other skills in design like hand sketching and etc.

Topic Expertise

Arts, Design, Hand sketching, 2D & 3D Computer Modelling, Software packages, Furniture Design, Product Design, Photogrammetry, Architectural Design, Building Information Modelling, CINEMA4D, SOLIDWORKS, AUTODESK INVENTOR, AUTOCAD, etc.

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MEng Architectural Engineering
MSc BIM and Digital Built Environment @University of Salford


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