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I am 55 years old, married, I live in Athens Greece, and I have a daughter studying in the UK. My second interest after Physics is Math. I like doing Pilates and watching T.V.

Tutor Experience

I have been tutoring on a person to person basis for at leat 20 years. This is my first effort in tutoring by computer on a known platform. I have had Skype sessions with students in the previous years but only in cases of bad weather when I could not go in person.

Topic Expertise

I am a Physics teacher with 25 years of teaching experience and 20 years IB teaching experience. I am also an IB examiner since 2003.


Look me up in Linkedin. Most of my contacts are ex students who have decided to contact me on their own long after graduating from High School.


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B.S. from Univeresity of Athens in Physics
M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Rutgers U. in NJ USA.


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