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Stuttgart University - PhD - Mathematics


I have a deep fascination with Mathematics and Physics!

I enjoy teaching and had a wonderful experience doing it. Sharing my passion for the subject and seeing the student understand a new or difficult concept is very rewarding.

Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 11 Last Online: 18 May 2020
All-time Students: 2 Total Classes: 11 Signed Up: 12 Feb 2020

About me

My teaching is based on my belief that it is possible for everyone to understand Mathematics or Physics. Some students just haven't realised that yet. In my classes I try to find a way, together with the student, that works. For that it is very important to be a good listener, to have limitless patience and have a good time together understanding fascinating and beautiful concepts.

Tutor Experience

I have over 6 years of teaching experience: During high school (in Germany), I started tutoring my peers and younger students (5th to 12th grade) and throughout my time as a PhD student, I was responsible for the organisation of courses, guidance to groups of tutors, setting up weekly assignments, setting up exam papers and correction, being a tutor myself, as well as being a substitute lecturer.

I have been responsible for the following courses (at Stuttgart University):

*Higher Mathematics 2
*Differential Geometry 2
*Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1
*Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2
*Mathematics 2 for Physicists and Electrical Engineers
*Linear Algebra 1
*Linear Algebra 2

In 2017 I received a teaching award, given by the students’ association of the mathematical institute of Stuttgart University for my contribution to the course Linear Algebra 1.

Topic Expertise

I completed my PhD in Pure Mathematics (Stuttgart University), hold a MSc in Mathematical Physics (Hamburg University) and a BSc in Physics (RWTH Aachen).

A highlight of my academic background is the discovery of so called Reiswich polynomials.

Client Reviews

Armani - Physics

Good explanation of topic I was struggling with

Armani - Physics

Very good explained topic well enjoyed session

Armani - Physics

Great class new topic made easier to understand

Armani - Physics

Great lesson made my school lesson clearer.

Armani - Physics

Very good as Anton based the lesson on my daughters weaker topics and slowly worked up basing the questions on what she had learned also question style to suit her understanding this will progress into more exam style questions as she gets stronger

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PhD in Pure Mathematics (Stuttgart University, 1.0, magna cum laude)
-Focus: Differential Geometry

MSc in Mathematical Physics (Hamburg University, 1.75)
-Focus: Differential Geometry

BSc in Physics (RWTH Aachen, 1.9).
-Focus: Theoretical Quantum Mechanics


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