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About me

As a Chemical Engineer, I have a technical background. However, I have also worked in industry as a fertilizer analyst, innovation consultant, intellectual property management as well as an entrepreneur. Currently I am based in Europe where I lecture at EPFL and am also active in several research fields in academia with projects globally.
I provide a good mix of academic and industry experience and prefer interactive tutoring sessions.

Tutor Experience

I've been tutoring for almost 5 years. Some of my tutoring experience is highlighted below which includes both private and university teaching.

UG/Masters Teaching (ca. 50-75 students): Reaction Engineering, Thermodynamics, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Mass Transfer, Process Heat Transfer, Energy Futures, Waste Management

Career Mentoring, Applications and Research Planning (ca. 15 students): PhD Students, UG and Masters

Thesis (ca. 10 students): UG, Masters and PhD Students in Chemical/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Futures and Materials

MSc/Phd Thesis Advisor: EPFL/ Imperial College/ Technical University of Munich

Topic Expertise

Aeronautical Engineering, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Dissertations, Environmental Science, Forestry, General Engineering, Materials Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Research Methods

Price: $80-90/hr

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PhD - Chemical Engineering (Imperial College London)
Msc - Chemical Engineering (University of Manchester)
Bsc - Chemical Engineering (UCL)


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