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University maths tutor with 10 years experience and a passion for teaching and showing my students what they are capable of.

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About Me

A student and teacher of pure mathematics for over 10 years, I am excited to work with my students through any problems they are struggling with, and show them that learning maths can be painless, and even fun!

Give me a go and see what you can do with real tuition!

Tutor Experience

I am a general mathematics tutor with over 10 years experience tutoring maths privately, and 7 years tutoring pure mathematics as a university teaching assistant.

I believe that all students are capable of excelling with the right teaching, material, and motivation, and I aim to provide that.

Topic Expertise

I can and have tutored any mathematics subject up to second year university level. I have particular expertise in the following areas:
• Discrete Mathematics
• Calculus and Linear algebra
• Mathematical analysis (ODEs, PDEs, complex, etc)
• Abstract algebra and Number Theory

Client Reviews

Adam is a great teacher, as he explains everything in a way that is very understandable, even with complex topics. The way he teaches is logical and effective. He's very supportive during the learning process.

- Mathematics

Brilliant clear explanations!

- Mathematics

Great Adam was very helpful!

- Mathematics

Really good recap of matrices and taught me the different required methods really well

- Mathematics

Was a very good summary of my course as last minute revsion, very useful

- Mathematics

A great lesson with Adam

- Mathematics


Adam is an excellent tutor and helped me when I was in trouble with exams, we had an intensive 4 week course in which Adam helped me understand majority of topics in 4 modules as well as cover past papers. Definitely helped me achieve the grade I needed.

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