Rhys - Spanish tutor

Spanish Tutor - Modern Languages (Spanish) with Linguistics BA



Approachable and (hopefully) knowledgeable tutor, with an informal style.

Tutor Experience

Significant tutoring experience - tutoring has been my main job since 2012. I have experience teaching one-on-one in person and online, as well providing seminars, workshops, and coaching in schools and at public events. I hope my experience in online tutoring has demonstrated that I am sufficiently organised and engaging, to provide an enjoyable distance-learning experience. Online teaching is an unusual medium - both distant and intimate at once. I hope that, over the years, I have learnt to strike a decent balance and provide strong online support.

About me

29-year old tutor living in Oxfordshire. I'm lucky that the subjects I deal with are inherently interesting, and hope to be able to pass this interest on to students. Every linguist has a "pet" language or two. Mine are modern Icelandic and Old Norse. Beyond tutoring, I love hiking, cooking, and snooker (even though I'm hopeless at it).



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