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Muhammad Shahzeb

Mechanical Engineering BSC



Friendly, Dedicated, Passionate & Experienced Mathematics Teacher having nearly 9+ years of teaching O & A-levels Mathematics.

Muhammad Shahzeb
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Institute of Space & Technology - Mechanical Engineering - BSC

Friendly, Dedicated, Passionate & Experienced Mathematics Teacher having nearly 9+ years of teaching O & A-levels Mathematics.

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About Me

I am a young and passionate teacher who enjoys teaching mathematics. I've been teaching Mathematics of different levels and curriculum, to students from different cultures and background for the past 9+ years now and looking forward to many more years to come.

I've done multiple certifications of different curriculum and always provide the students with the easiest and shortest approach for questions based on my experience.

Moreover, I am always one text or call away for my students and I respond them back as soon as possible for their queries.
As per working hours and place, I do-not have any Limitations and they are quite flexible. I do recommend to get in touch with me via text or email and we can find out the common grounds.

My main areas of expertise is Mathematics of O & Alevels of GCSE IGCSE & Edexcel. As per structure and approach of explaining the topic, it is quite simple. I deliver and explain the theory of the topics first along with some examples to elaborate the concept. Once that concept is developed among students, I hand them different customised worksheets and problem questions extracted from past GCSE & IGCSE exams to make them more familiar with the types of questions they'll be facing in their exams & to make them competent. And finally, I discuss the problems they had in that lesson make their concepts more clear.

Tutor Experience

Teaching & tutoring experience of 9+ years in different International Schools & International Academies.
Today, my students are studying in top ranked universities of the world.

Topic Expertise

GCSE Mathematics Olevels
IGCSE Mathematics
Alevels Mathematics Mechanics
Alevels Mathematics Statistics
Alevels Pure Mathematics

Client Reviews

Good and I Understood everything

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Background Checks



- St A's in O-levels & A* in Mathematics
- St A's in Alevels & A in Mathematics.
- Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.
- Certifications by CAIE in Olevels & Igcse Mathematics.
-Certifications in Alevels Mathematics.