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322 hours in A Level Mathematics

Laurence $55-65/hr

Mathematics - The University of Oxford


My name is Laurence, I have a PhD in Mathematics from The University of Oxford, where I also attended for undergraduate, completing an MMath integrated masters degree in mathematics.

I have 5 years of tutoring experience and have tutored at several Oxford independent schools alongside privately tutoring many students. I cover secondary school Mathematics, teaching students from the 11 up to the age of 18, covering everything from year 7 Mathematics to Further Mathematics A-Level. I am most experienced in tutoring Mathematics/Further Mathematics A-Level, GCSE and IGCSE.

I additionally offer university entrance exam and preparation, covering the MAT/STEP exams required to study Mathematics at Oxford and Cambridge, respectively. I also offer interview preparation for prospective Oxford and Cambridge mathematics students.

In addition to Mathematics tutoring I also offer tutorials covering introductory and advanced MATLAB, having spent the last 4 years using the software to complete my research.

Laurence's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Yue Hin: Intensive - A Level Edexcel Pure maths, statistics and mechanic. Further Maths

Laurence's last review in A Level Mathematics from Hannah: Circles - Pure Year 1, Chapter 6 Excellent first session, thank you Laurence

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157 hours in A Level Mathematics


Maths - University of Manchester

Coming from a family of science teachers (Maths and Chemistry) it was my dream to become a Maths teacher since the age of thirteen.I have graduated with a bachelor degree of science from University of Manchester in 1997 and obtained my QTS in 1998. I have been teaching Maths for the last 22 years in schools and colleges and have a big experience on online teaching.
I love Maths and there is no greater pleasure to transfer this to my students. The way I teach a topic varies on each student. I have helped many students get their target grade and I will always aim for my students to get an A. All they need to do is study hard.

KONSTANTINA's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Daghni: 1-2 hrs/week -

KONSTANTINA's last review in A Level Mathematics from Seema: It was very good and i learnt alot.

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344 total hours

139 hours in A Level Mathematics

Daniel $91/hr

Theoretical Physics - University of Oxford / Max-Planck-Insitute for Plasma Physics

 Having graduated from the University of Oxford with a distinction in mathematical and theoretical physics, I am now a mathematical physicist by trade with multiple publications in leading journals and a proven track record of success as both a researcher and as a tutor.

Teaching is my passion and I have been tutoring mathematics and physics for over 8 years and have given 1000's of hours of online tuition.

My most recent 2019 success stories include:
1. A tutee going on to study physics at Oxford after achieving a clean sweep of A* grades at A-level.
2. 100% success rate for first choice University admission in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
3. 100% of tutees achieving their target grade or above.

I have tutored all major exam boards and optional modules from KS2 through to undergraduate level.

Get in touch today to find out how I can help you achieve your goals!

Daniel's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Will: Occasional - obtained 9 in maths, A* in further maths at GCSE wants tutor to help him to A* in maths and further maths A Level currently expected to get A in both, also would be beneficial if tutor could assist on Cambridge entrants exams.

Daniel's last review in A Level Mathematics from priscilla: love this meeting, the best one ive ever had. I really learnt a lot. thank you

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365 total hours

117 hours in A Level Mathematics

Toby $50-60/hr

Mathematics - Imperial College

I cover all levels of Mathematics from primary school all the way to SATs, GMAT and degree level . I focus particularly on A level and GCSE teaching all relevant modules including Stats, Core and Mechanics. I have a proven track record coaching students for AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards. I am always patient and encouraging and know how to get the best out my students. I enjoy making tricky concepts easy to understand by using everyday examples. There is no substitute for practice and I will set numerous problems to be completed before the next lesson. This is the only way to be sure topics are sinking in. I always emphasise full understanding of problems not just simply learning methods.

I provide intensive exam preparation and my pupils have frequently achieved top grades. My students are normally referred to me from other satisfied pupils and I tend to get very busy. However I am taking on new students at the moment and do have some availability.

Toby's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Thomas: 1-2 hrs/week - Some things need refining in my maths and further maths. Looking for two A's, but struggling - need a bit of help. Want to start tuition asap.

Toby's last review in A Level Mathematics from Molly: Tutor missed the class.

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80 hours in A Level Mathematics

Virender $60-70/hr

Honours Mathematics; Applied Statistics; PGCPE - University of Southampton; BPP University

I believe that a good tutor combines teaching and mentoring in a way that encourages students to use their own thinking and ability, set their own ‘agenda’, ask questions and then works with them to improve their self- confidence and ability in the subject.

I have degrees in Mathematics, Statistics and a postgraduate certificate in Teaching. I focus on teaching Mathematics and Statistics at Advanced, Foundation and University levels to a variety of students.

I teach A-level Maths and Statistics at school and also tutor students studying for AS, A2, IB exams under various boards (OCR, CIE, Edexcel, AQA, MAT/STEP, GRE). Topics covered have been in Core Maths, Further Maths and Statistics. I have certificates from MEI for teaching Further Maths across all syllabuses,

I have taught courses in Maths and Statistics at Universities. Also I have tutored University level students on topics covering Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Quantitative Methods in Business, Actuarial Maths, Financial mathematics.

Virender's last completed A Level Mathematics job with George: Intensive - I’m in my second year of A levels. My exams board is Edexcel and I’m doing the new spec. Despite my prediction being a B, I intend to aim for the highest possible mark. I require assistance with both pure and applied. I find myself forgetting things that I have not gone through recently and I am not able to reteach myself all things that I forget. I would like to start at the earliest possible convenience. My first exam is on the third of June.

Virender's last review in A Level Mathematics from Charles: Lesson was very helpful

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183 total hours

63 hours in A Level Mathematics

Lindsay $45-55/hr

Mathematics - University of Cambridge

During the next few months children are going to need extra support to keep up with their school work. I have been teaching children online for 7 years so I have the experience and resources to help. Lessons take place using Zoom. I show questions on the screen and can write working out using my graphics tablet. I can help y10s and y12s to continue working towards their GCSE and A level exams next summer and provide support for y11s who wish to start working on the A level course early. Also I can tutor y7 to y9, focusing on keeping the basics going for them so that they are able to return to school confidently.

I teach A-level maths and further maths, GCSE, iGCSE, OCR FSMQ, the QTS Numeracy test and STEP Assignments.

I have been a professional tutor for over 30 years and have taught online for 7 years. I have helped to improve the results and confidence of many different types of students. Often I have been asked to tutor younger siblings and get new students via recommendations.

For the further maths A level I can assist with CP1, CP2, FM1, FM2 and FP1.

Lindsay's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Victoria: Over 2 hrs/week - I’d like to finish the last chapter of Statistics and Mechanics Year 2 Edexcel Pure Mathematics, my predictable grade is an A*. However, I’d also like to start the Mechanics Further maths course in the future. I am a Year 12 student looking to take my exams next summer.

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312 total hours

61 hours in A Level Mathematics

Jonny $50-60/hr

Mathematics/Education - Cambridge University, OU, UEA

I have vast experience of teaching mathematics and further mathematics to A Level, having taught in three different sixth form colleges for a total of 25 years. I thrive when working on maths with learners; it's a subject I love, and the question of how best to communicate it is one that fascinates me. I'm well-qualified; my first degree at Cambridge University (where I won a scholarship) was in Mathematics and Education, and I have an MSc in Mathematical Research from the University of East Anglia. I also have a Cert. Ed. from Cambridge University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education from the Open University. I'm a keen member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, and I'm constantly trying to improve my teaching in discussion with others.

Jonny's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Harry: Intensive - I have an upcoming Cambridge engineering admissions exam on Wednesday and really need some help!

Jonny's last review in A Level Mathematics from Andreia: xxx Very good! Gave clear examples and was very engaging,

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361 total hours

57 hours in A Level Mathematics

Panagiotis $50-60/hr

MSc - Queen Mary University of London

I have been working as a maths tutor since 2011 and online exclusively since 2015, with over 6000 hours of experience. During this period, I have successfully assisted students studying for their GCSE and IB/A-levels all the way up to university modules and exams. This has taken place both privately and while holding external tutoring roles in various London schools. In the online realm, I have worked with students from all over the world, those studying for UK specifications as well as undergraduates in English speaking universities or wishing to attend UK universities. For instance, I've had students, among others, from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, China, USA.
Areas usually covered for undergraduates include analysis and calculus, analytic and differential geometry, financial maths, linear algebra, statistics and probability.

Regarding my tutoring method, I strive to create а well balanced relationship with pupils. I set clear targets for my students and expect them to develop throughout our sessions. Additionally, I emphasize оn the suitable аpprоаch fоr eаch individuаl in оrder tо hаve the best results pоssible. I further cоnsider humоur аn essentiаl pаrt оf my sessiоns аs it creаtes а better leаrning envirоnment, eliminates inhibitions, and promotes а more enjoyable session.

Lastly, in my lessons, I put a lot of emphasis on the background knowledge of every topic and method - dry memorising is of no use. This has proved valuable for students in tackling the challenging and 'unseen' questions in the exams. What is more, exams aside, analytic skills accompany students throughout their studies in various areas.

Panagiotis's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Philip: 1-2 hrs/week - Hi
We're looking for a Maths tutor for our son Bobby who will be starting his A-Level courses in September (hopefully). He is currently in year 11 (16 years old) in his CGSE year.
I understand he wants to take Maths and Further Maths at A-Level.
He is a student at Graveney School, London SW17 and I am searching to confirm which exam board they use - I should have that info soon.
We are flexible with times but it would be good to set up a regular weekly slot please. We are happy to start at any time soon.
Phil Wells (Dad)

Panagiotis's last review in A Level Mathematics from Philip: Thanks Panos

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700 total hours

42 hours in A Level Mathematics

Shahid $130/hr

MSc - Manchester

I estimate I have at least 6000 hours of experience, having been a tutor since 2011. I initially started teaching Maths and Physics to Engineering students at University and I gradually expanded into secondary school level tuition. I have worked full time as a tutor since 2012 and during that time I have taught Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

I have taught A Levels, IGCSE/GCSE, IB, Pre-U, AP and I have covered nearly every exam board including Edexcel, OCR, AQA, WJEC. All of my students are seeking to get into top Univeristies.
What makes me a good tutor is my ability to break down a subject and cover it in a particular order so that a student who might not have a good understanding can understand how to progress through the topics. It doesn't hurt that I have a sense of humour and make my lessons actually fun and enjoyable.

Shahid's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Grace: Over 2 hrs/week - My Epp is coming up soon, it will be on all chapters from the first book on Pure Maths and all chapters on statistics&mechanics(first book). I need intensive revision to get through everything as quickly as possible. As it’s the new silibus I will take out questions from both books to go through and I have an exam paper to go through at the end

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22 total hours

22 hours in A Level Mathematics

Sarah $40-50/hr

First Class Hons - University of Oxford

Having been a successful classroom teacher for twelve years, I have a proven track record of enabling pupils to achieve their highest potential at all levels. I have taught classes from Year 5 to Year 13 at a variety of schools and therefore have the skills and knowledge to support a wide range of pupils and can adapt my teaching methods depending on their individual needs. One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to build strong relationships with pupils. This strength is very advantageous in tutoring where building rapport and trust quickly is important in enabling pupils to have the confidence to respond and benefit from the lessons. My own deep understanding of Mathematics means that I can not only support pupils for whom the subject is a challenge, but also those aiming for the highest grades at A Level. Most importantly perhaps, I am passionate about my subject and I strive to make Mathematics enjoyable and accessible for all. I am currently taking time out from being a classroom teacher whilst my children are young. Whilst this has undoubtedly been a positive decision from a personal point of view, I really miss teaching – it is very much a vocational profession and one that I love and feel passionate about. I tutor privately in the evenings, though my evening availability is somewhat limited due to other commitments. I enjoy tutoring because I love helping individual pupils improve and consolidate their understanding of Mathematics and building their confidence. Tutoring gives me the opportunity to do the parts of the teaching job that I love in a slightly different way.

Sarah's last completed A Level Mathematics job with Lydia: Occasional - My daughter is having a few challenges with integration by substitution, integration by parts and trigonometric integration. She is taking her mocks in January and needs to achieve a minimum grade A in the A level to guarantee the university place that she wants.

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