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272 total hours

83 hours in GCSE Mathematics


Maths - University of Manchester

Coming from a family of science teachers (Maths and Chemistry) it was my dream to become a Maths teacher since the age of thirteen.I have graduated with a bachelor degree of science from University of Manchester in 1997 and obtained my QTS in 1998. I have been teaching Maths for the last 22 years in schools and colleges and have a big experience on online teaching.
I love Maths and there is no greater pleasure to transfer this to my students. The way I teach a topic varies on each student. I have helped many students get their target grade and I will always aim for my students to get an A. All they need to do is study hard.

KONSTANTINA's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Marcos: Occasional - I am struggling with coordinates, graphing y and x, and logarithm. Could you help me, please?

KONSTANTINA's last review in GCSE Mathematics from Nusrat: past papers Konstantina is best Mathematics teacher a student can. She tutored my daughter in A Levels and she got A and now she is tutoring my son for his IGcse and its helping him a lot . I highly recommend her .

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278 total hours

42 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Wayne $40-50/hr

Mathematics - University of Hertfordshire

I am a 1st Class BSc Honours maths graduate and have been a private maths tutor for 3+ years now. I have helped many students understand topics they could not get to grips with. I specialise up to GCSE maths and have helped numerous students overcome questions they did not feel they could answer. I have also helped retake students pass their re-sits.
I break difficult maths topics down to the basics and build the students’ confidence up. I am very good at spotting gaps in students’ knowledge and target on their weaker areas. I have the new (9-1) resources for all topics in the Edexcel exam board but these can be applied to other boards if needed.

Wayne's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Joshua: 1-2 hrs/week - I’m not able to retain degrees

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982 total hours

35 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Laurence $55-65/hr

Mathematics - The University of Oxford


My name is Laurence, I have a PhD in Mathematics from The University of Oxford, where I also attended for undergraduate, completing an MMath integrated masters degree in mathematics.

I have 5 years of tutoring experience and have tutored at several Oxford independent schools alongside privately tutoring many students. I cover secondary school Mathematics, teaching students from the 11 up to the age of 18, covering everything from year 7 Mathematics to Further Mathematics A-Level. I am most experienced in tutoring Mathematics/Further Mathematics A-Level, GCSE and IGCSE.

I additionally offer university entrance exam and preparation, covering the MAT/STEP exams required to study Mathematics at Oxford and Cambridge, respectively. I also offer interview preparation for prospective Oxford and Cambridge mathematics students.

In addition to Mathematics tutoring I also offer tutorials covering introductory and advanced MATLAB, having spent the last 4 years using the software to complete my research.

Laurence's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Anjulika: 1-2 hrs/week - Help with Maths Challenges and preparation towards Olympiad type questions to an year 8 student

Laurence's last review in GCSE Mathematics from Somersby: Acquire textbook for home, pick some questions to go through for next lesson, and then after which we can set questions from the textbook itself to go through between classes. We went through several practice questions in detail and next lesson we will assess the questions i need help on in the textbook!

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367 total hours

22 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Panagiotis $50-60/hr

MSc - Queen Mary University of London

I have been working as a maths tutor since 2011 and online exclusively since 2015, with over 6000 hours of experience. During this period, I have successfully assisted students studying for their GCSE and IB/A-levels all the way up to university modules and exams. This has taken place both privately and while holding external tutoring roles in various London schools. In the online realm, I have worked with students from all over the world, those studying for UK specifications as well as undergraduates in English speaking universities or wishing to attend UK universities. For instance, I've had students, among others, from Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, China, USA.
Areas usually covered for undergraduates include analysis and calculus, analytic and differential geometry, financial maths, linear algebra, statistics and probability.

Regarding my tutoring method, I strive to create а well balanced relationship with pupils. I set clear targets for my students and expect them to develop throughout our sessions. Additionally, I emphasize оn the suitable аpprоаch fоr eаch individuаl in оrder tо hаve the best results pоssible. I further cоnsider humоur аn essentiаl pаrt оf my sessiоns аs it creаtes а better leаrning envirоnment, eliminates inhibitions, and promotes а more enjoyable session.

Lastly, in my lessons, I put a lot of emphasis on the background knowledge of every topic and method - dry memorising is of no use. This has proved valuable for students in tackling the challenging and 'unseen' questions in the exams. What is more, exams aside, analytic skills accompany students throughout their studies in various areas.

Panagiotis's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with venkatesh: 1-2 hrs/week - My son is taking his WJEC Additional Maths(Level 2 Qualification) this summer. His recent GCSE maths results are

Maths Higher - A (lost A* by 3 marks)
Maths Numeracy Higher - A*

He wants to achieve a distinction in additional maths and needs lots of homework.

Panagiotis's last review in GCSE Mathematics from venkatesh: i learnt quite a bit this lesson! Very interesting

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220 total hours

21 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Andy $45-55/hr

Physics Degree - Exeter University / Oxford University

I have extensive experience as a private tutor, as a classroom teacher and as an online tutor. I have worked in schools in the UK, in Europe, the Americas and Asia. I have been employed as a live in tutor by one of the most prestigious private tutoring agencies and I have worked for many years as an online tutor. I have a proven track record of improving students knowledge, understanding and exam results. I have extensive experience with students working in English as a foreign language as well as native language English speakers.

I have taught GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB Diploma. I have also taught the Swedish National Maths Syllabus and prepared students for 11+, 13+ and Key Stage 2 examinations.

Andy's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Carl: Occasional - My daughter will be taking GCSE Maths in 2021 - it is not her strongest subject, and needs some help on a fortnightly basis

Andy's last review in GCSE Mathematics from Emma: Very good session

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162 total hours

14 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Tom $40-50/hr

Astrophysical Processes - Durham Universiry

I have successfully taught all subjects I am offering up to and including A Level. Experienced with AQA, OCR, Edexcel, and Eduqas. As a senior leader I have coached and mentored new and experienced teachers giving me a deep understanding of teaching methodologies. Skilled in differentiating learning, my student-centred approach ensures all students make progress. I am dedicated to developing the passion for lifelong learning in others.

Tom's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Izzy: 1-2 hrs/week - I am doing Edexcel higher maths and am going into year 11. I plan on doing 1 hour of maths tuition a week until my exams in May/June time. I am targeted a 7 but if possible I would like to get an 8. I would ideally like to do a Sunday each week from 5:00-6:00 pm starting from as soon as possible

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24 total hours

13 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Manfred $85-95/hr

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Simón Bolívar University

I have gathered extensive tutoring experience as a private Physics and Maths tutor in the Greater London area since 2014. I have tutored and prepared students from 11+ groups all the way to A levels, and have managed to specialise in the GCSE and A level curriculum. I am currently working for a VIP family in Dubai preparing their son for his A levels this year.

I have also gathered significant experience in the past while being a Mechanical Engineering Student at the Simón Bolívar University, in Venezuela, when I had the opportunity to tutor students in Maths as well as in Physics, as a preparation for their university entrance tests. I also helped younger promotions of students as well as fellow students of my own promotion at university, in order to gain a better preparation for evaluations in different engineering topics.

I have an excellent ability to communicate and connect with students of all Ages and I am able to mold my teaching so that everyone of my students internalises the topic. I am very passionate about teaching and I believe that with patience, the right focus on the details of the subject, as well as a general vision of it, and a dynamic comprehensive way of tutoring, you can tutor everyone till the extent of excellence. I am confident that my passion and experience are the qualities you are looking for.

Manfred 's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Motunrayo: 1-2 hrs/week - Need very good tutor to prepare my son for his GCSE in maths

Manfred 's last review in GCSE Mathematics from Aqeel: Edexcel Higher Tier GCSE Paper Manfred is a good knowledgeable tutor and I will be definitely continuing my maths tuition with him.

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17 total hours

13 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Struan $40-50/hr

Chemical Engineering - University of Cambridge

I have seven years of tutoring experience with a strong track record of success in my pupils. I started teaching whilst at secondary school in Scotland and have since tutored Maths for Scottish Standard Grades and Highers as well as English GCSE and A Level. I have experience tutoring the AQA, Edexcel and OCR syllabi. I have a passion for making Maths fun and from experience I feel sure that by working through questions together we can build your confidence - so that you will enjoy Maths much more and achieve the result you deserve for all the hard work you put in.

Over my time at Cambridge I have tutored lower year Chemical Engineering students and peers and have never had a tutee achieve less than a 2:1.

Studying at Cambridge has given me four years of experience in the concentrated "Supervision" style of teaching used at Oxbridge. These lessons last for an hour and are taught by one academic to a maximum of three students. Four years of these kind of lessons allowed me to pick up the best teaching tricks from truly outstanding academics and teachers.

I feel that learning in this style from world-class academics has given me a lot of insight into how to coax the best from a student in order to encourage independent thinking and robust understanding. I achieved a first class MEng in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge.

Struan's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Fugen: Occasional - General overview and revision

Struan's last review in GCSE Mathematics from Fugen: Current topics. really helpful

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12 total hours

12 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Dina $52/hr

BSc(Hons) in Mathematical Studies - University of Nottingham /DerbyUniversity

I am a qualified Maths teacher having PGCE and QTS as well as Bsc (Hons) in Mathematical Studies). I had been teaching/tutoring for nearly a decade with an excellent record. It can be a daunting experience for pupils who feel they are struggling to keep up with the ever increasing difficulty in the Maths curriculum as it goes through various changes. I am there to support them as a mentor, breaking down the various complicated aspects of Maths to make it easy for them to understand the subject more no matter what level they are at. It can also be a struggle if they have to deal with dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia and other issues.

Dina's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Cora: 1-2 hrs/week - My son is looking for a maths tutor to help him reach his goal for GCSE maths. He is taking the Edexcel maths GCSE and is targetted a 7, but is curently achieving a 6. He needs help to move his grade up. He will be available from 7pm on most weekday evenings. We are looking for a tutor with experience at Edexcel and someone who is an excellent communicator.

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11 total hours

9 hours in GCSE Mathematics

Simon $52/hr

MMath (Hons) 2:1 - Warwick

I have been tutoring since January 2008 and have worked with over 500 students in that time. The majority of these students have been GCSE, AS and A-Level students. I have taught several students online in that time too. I have worked in Henley School, Henley in Arden and Campion School, Leamington Spa as both an unqualified maths teacher and a one-to-one tutor. In addition, I have worked as an examiner, marking A-level scripts for one of the major exam boards, so I really do know what the examiners are looking for!
I have been very successful in my work as a tutor. I have helped many students to obtain the grade that they want and need for FE/HE in addition to boosting their confidence with the subject. I am very patient and understanding when working with students who need more explanation.

Simon's last completed GCSE Mathematics job with Charlotte: 1-2 hrs/week - Hi
I am looking for a tutor to support my daughter in Y10 prepare for her maths GCSE. She is taking the Edexcel Foundation paper. We want to try and ensure she gets a 5 in this exam if possible. Someone with experience of this requirements of this syllabus and paper as well as working with less confident student would be preferable. She needs support with revising and recalling the necessary maths and managing test situations and timed conditions. We can be flexible with days and times currently due to home working, but would like someone that can continue to work with her up to her exams if possible. Many thanks, Charlotte

Simon's last review in GCSE Mathematics from Charlotte: Edexcel Foundation Past Paper. Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/79544349001?pwd=QkdWR0kwdEo1cG92SjZ2OGJUVXdsZz09 Meeting ID: 795 4434 9001 Password: 017373 Thank you. It was a helpful session

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