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5.0 9 hours in GCSE Mathematics


PhD in Organic Chemistry - University of Bath, UK

I have been teaching Chemistry, Maths and Science since 2016 as a tutor first and currently also work as Maths and Chemistry teacher in a sixth form college in Cambridge.
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Recent Students: 12 Total Hours: 57
All-time Students: 15 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022


4.9 166 hours in GCSE Mathematics


Mathematics - King's College London

I have been tutoring for 5 years. I helped many students achieve a top grade in their studies. I teach mathematics for all different levels, GCSE, A-Level, IB, Undergraduate and Postgraduate. I achieved a distinction in MSc Mathematics, a First Class Honours in BSc Mathematics at King's College London, and A*s in both Maths and Further Maths at A-level. I'm really good at handling exams, therefore in my lesson, I will focus on preparing for the exams and go through all the im...
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Recent Students: 30 Total Hours: 911
All-time Students: 47 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022




Chemical Engineering - The University of Edinburgh

• 8 years experienced Math and Science tutor. I have been tutoring since 2013 to fund my education expenses. I formally began tutoring in 2014 as part of my vocational training as a teacher in Ghana, funded by the University of Edinburgh. The formal training has taught me a lot about curriculum development, time management, and fusing my teaching methodology to my students’ needs. I have been tutoring in Physics, Chemistry, and Math, in person and online; the hybrid model has...
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 13
All-time Students: 11 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022

Gopi Krishna



M.Sc,B.Ed - Nagarjuna University

Hi I am doing online sessions since 2013 for IB Mathematics as well as IGCSE and A level examinations. I will recap the concepts provided with worksheets, past papers' questions practice and continued support. I have done online sessions for AMC (American Math contest) students also. I am confident with technology resources and extend my skills to make the students in developing mathematical skills and knowledge.
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Recent Students: 9 Total Hours: 113
All-time Students: 12 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022


5.0 3 hours in GCSE Mathematics



I have been tutoring with Spires for nearly 2 years; in that time I have taught/mentored students from GCSE to PhD, mostly in biological sciences, although I also have considerable experience with statistics and critical appraisal of the literature. I also teach maths and sciences at GCSE and maths at the equivalent of AS or specifically the maths required for entry to biological science degrees. Previously to joining Spires, I tutored many students during my PhD, from schoo...
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Recent Students: 33 Total Hours: 475
All-time Students: 107 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022


4.9 7 hours in GCSE Mathematics


Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics - University of Bath

I have been teaching for 13 years both in Edinburgh Scotland as well as Bermuda. I am currently the Head of my Department in the school that I teach at and I love inspiring students about mathematics! I like to explain ideas methodically and with real world examples so as to try and enhance understanding. I have experience teaching online using a padlet so students can see exactly what I write. I have experience in teaching IB maths - DP and MYP as well as A-level, IGCSE...
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Recent Students: 18 Total Hours: 45
All-time Students: 22 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022




Physics - University College of London

I have worked in several school and colleges as lecturer, teacher, STEM representative and 2in Science. Primarily I taught Physics and Mathematics. Throughout my career, I have taught and tutored International Baccalaureate(IB), Advance Placement(AP), A levels and GCSE Physics and Maths. However, currently I am working in a college as a Lecturer in Mathematics and teaching Pure, Further Pure, Mechanics and Decision Mathematics. Previously, I have worked more in independent...
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Recent Students: 9 Total Hours: 36
All-time Students: 9 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022




Plasma Physics - The Open University

I have accumulated over 10,000 hours of teaching since 2014 across Maths, Physics and Chemistry and other subjects (electronics, programming and mentoring). I began as a tutor for Talent Engaged Tuition (starting 2014), teaching primarily A-level Maths and Physics across the various exam boards including IB. Due to my Plasma Physics background, I have also taught Chemistry at GCSE and A-Level. I taught 1-on-1 personalized lessons as well as classes. The classes included K...
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 44
All-time Students: 6 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022

Dr. Leonardo



Physics - Doctorate at ETH Zurich, Switzerland; MSci at Trinity College, University of Cambridge

I offer you long-term support in exam preparation and university applications in Physics and Maths. While tutoring, I encourage you to develop critical thinking, boost your self-esteem and improve communication skills. I have conducted various mock admission interviews for Cambridge and Oxford, assessed personal statements and written Physics Aptitude Tests (PAT) for various tutoring institutes. At ETH Zurich, I supervise undergraduate students and train Master's and PhD stu...
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Recent Students: 21 Total Hours: 401
All-time Students: 41 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022


5.0 2 hours in GCSE Mathematics


Mathematics - Philippine Normal University

I have a good background in IGCSE Math and Physics as I taught these subjects in regular classes, reviewing and prepping students for CIE exams. I am currently working as an online mathematics tutor to International students. I received good ratings and reviews from my students who came to my sessions. I always make sure my students will grasp the ideas and concepts they needed to understand.
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Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 124
All-time Students: 8 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022

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