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Engineering - University of Cambridge

Mudassar has 100s of hours of tutoring experience (pre-GCSE through to Degree level). He is a trained engineering supervisor and has taught Cambridge engineering undergraduates. He has led Cambridge Immerse summer school for the last 3yrs, helping 51 students (14-18yrs old) from across 5 continents. Mudassar is am a firm believer of the Socrates approach (asking questions to tease out answers in a very friendly and interactive way). While this requires a greater initial i...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 1
All-time Students: 1 Last Online: 14 Nov 2021


5.0 66 hours in GCSE Mathematics


Mathematics - University of Cambridge

Specialist in university entrance exams & interviews with high success rates. Thousands of hours working with students from six continents (enquiries from Antarctica welcome!). Renowned in competitive Chinese market as author & lead tutor on prestigious STEP/MAT/TMUA/Oxbridge interview courses -- invited to speak at Shanghai event attended by British Ambassador! Plenty of experience teaching maths, further maths and physics at GCSE, A-Level and an undergraduate level. Fam...
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Recent Students: 18 Total Hours: 311
All-time Students: 29 Last Online: 26 Jan 2022

Dr Dan



Theoretical Physics - University of Oxford / Max-Planck-Insitute for Plasma Physics

I am now a mathematical physicist by trade with over 10 publications in leading journals and a proven track record of success as both a researcher and as a tutor. I studied mathematics, followed by mathematical and theoretical physics, at the University of Oxford, graduating with distinction in 2017. I now specialise in helping bright young mathematicians and physicists secure top grades and places at the most competitive Universities, with a proven track record of Oxbridge...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 863
All-time Students: 46 Last Online: 26 Jan 2022




Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering - University of Cambridge

My tuition approach sees me go out of my way to tailor each session to the individual student's needs. I have well in excess of one thousand hours of tutoring experience from GCSE up to degree level in numerical and scientific subjects. I have experience tutoring all the major exam boards in science and maths up to A-level, IB and BTEC. I have helped multiple students gain offers from Oxbridge in engineering and support UCAS admissions for all other UK universities in engin...
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Recent Students: 23 Total Hours: 477
All-time Students: 74 Last Online: 26 Jan 2022




Mathematics (BA 1st class, MMath with Distinction - University of Cambridge) - Cantab, QMUL

Over 3000 hours of experience delivering tuition from GCSE to PhD level including over 2000 hours of undergraduate tuition and over 500 hours of STEP tuition. Over 150 hours of experience of university mathematics teaching. At undergraduate level he has, for example, tutored students reading subjects such as Mathematics, Economics and Biomedicine, at Imperial College London, the London School of Economics, King's College London, Queen Mary University of London, and the Univ...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 23
All-time Students: 5 Last Online: 26 Jan 2022




Mathematics Education - Teachers College at Columbia University

U.S. Admission Test-Prep: I have specialise in tutoring students towards the United States Admission exams for entry to undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States for the past seven years. As an elite Ivy league tutor, I remember the long hours of studying for the exam and how stressful it can be at times. The way I approach tutoring the U.S test-admission exam is through a fun and effective test-taking approach to help pupils answer questions, In a sufficient ...
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Recent Students: 13 Total Hours: 289
All-time Students: 49 Last Online: 26 Jan 2022




English - Cambridge

I have been tutoring for over a decade and have worked hard to make sure that I keep up to date with all exam requirements across the subjects I teach. I am passionate about one-on-one teaching and find the results of tailoring my methods carefully to each child has huge benefits. My online teaching style has been honed carefully over a long period of time to ensure that lessons are interactive and engaging. Numeracy and Literacy - multiple pupils under the age of 7 - looki...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 0
All-time Students: 0 Last Online: 29 Jan 2021

Dr. Leonardo



Physics - Doctorate at ETH Zurich, Switzerland; MSci at Trinity College, University of Cambridge

I offer you long-term support in exam preparation and university applications in Physics and Maths. While tutoring, I encourage you to develop critical thinking, boost your self-esteem and improve communication skills. I have conducted various mock admission interviews for Cambridge and Oxford, assessed personal statements and written Physics Aptitude Tests (PAT) for various tutoring institutes. At ETH Zurich, I supervise undergraduate students and train Master's and PhD stu...
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Recent Students: 21 Total Hours: 401
All-time Students: 41 Last Online: 27 Jan 2022




Pure Mathematics - University of Leeds

My experience is wide-ranging, but includes: --3 years of lecturing STEM Foundation Year students at the University of Leicester. --1-1 tuition for A-Level maths, IB maths and university maths (from 1st year to Masters level) --Mock Oxbridge interviews and preparation for STEP --UKMT Mentoring What distinguishes my teaching from most others is the following: --Learning to learn. When you step back and reflect, it is absurd that we expect people to learn, without first being...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 23
All-time Students: 4 Last Online: 25 Aug 2021




Mathematics, Astrophysics - University of Cambridge

I have been tutoring since 2019, and have experience teaching Maths/Physics from GCSE through to A Level. I also specialise in Oxbridge admissions coaching and interview preparation. I have experience tutoring students for STEP, MAT, PAT, and 16+ admissions tests, with proven success. I also coach a number of students on problem solving and Olympiad preparation. I teach online with a WACOM pen tablet. My philosophy: There are 2 components to learning mathematics: the "expl...
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All-time Students: 0 Last Online: 01 Sep 2021

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