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Niko $50-60/hr

English Literature - University of St Andrews

- 5 years experience, over 1000h taught
- Online, Residential, In-Person Houstly
- Tailored approach: A child who loved surfing learned about areas and estimation by looking at surfboards and how much material was needed to make a wetsuit.
- Succesful placements at Eton, Harrow, and other top boarding schools
- 100% success rate for Common Entrance target grades
- 100% success rate for GCSE target grades

In the online world, I make sure that a child stays engaged even though I am not in the room with them. I've never had a tutee complain that they were not having fun in an online lesson, as I make sure to break the lessons into blocks, and explain what I want the child to achieve. I try to include elements that you would not typically get in online tutoring, and as a result, I have become surprisingly adept at 'drawing' hangman on a keyboard.

Overall, I am innovative in my approach to online tuition, transferring my skills from the real world into the online one.

Oli $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Oxford

I have been tutoring for a year now locally in Oxford. I have just finished my four year degree in Classics and so am very proficient at both Latin and Greek. I can also help in other essay or literature based subjects. I'm patient, kind and responsible; perfectly suited to tutoring! I'm very easy to get along with and learning is not so hard when you're in it together.

Oli's last completed Latin job with M: - looking for latin tutor

Alastair $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Cambridge

While at Cambridge for undergrad and postgrad, I won 10 prizes and scholarships for the whole range of academic skills: translation, prose composition and essay writing. I bring this academic rigour to my tutoring.

There are two key aspects to my tutoring philosophy. The first is the importance of excelling in the exam format. While exams can be narrow, hoop-jumping exercises, it is nevertheless crucial to use them as a platform to demonstrate academic ability. After a long period of doing very well in exams, I have many tips and tricks to help maximise exam results.

However, I view tutoring as the opportunity for much broader intellectual development than the narrow confines of the exams. Through probing questions and challenging ideas, I seek to put in place critical thinking skills and the ability to explore issues independently that will enable tutees to respond creatively to problems throughout life, but particularly at university and Oxbridge level. Cultivating academic rigour and curiosity early on pays great dividends in later life.

I have been putting this philosophy into practice while tutoring and advising younger students for several years – both on translation and with essay questions.

Cissy $40-50/hr

History - University of Oxford

I’m extremely good with children – essential for a good tutor. No matter how boring, dull or difficult a topic, I can make it interesting.

The school system is still fresh in my mind. What exams boards want is simplicity and precision. Both have defined my own revision and tutoring methods. The fact that the four pupils who I informally tutored and who borrowed my GCSE notes obtained A*s, despite all being of differing standards, shows how effective my approach is.

Succeeding at school and in exams is all about method. As soon as you have developed one that works, your studies become significantly easier. Even at Oxford, I still use the same method and it works - I have just got a Distinction in my Prelims.

Whatever my students’ abilities, they gain confidence and realise they can achieve impressive results if they put their minds to it. Each is different in personality and ability, so each needs a different approach. One must set optimistic and realistic goals within the grasp of that particular student. One’s idea of good results is different from another’s. One might look to achieve straight A*s, another will be overjoyed with just one. I always remember this.

As well as offering help for students taking internal or external exams, I can also offer useful advice to those applying to UCAS. Having read countless personal statements and filled in many friends’ ...

Bridie $40-50/hr

Classics - University of Oxford

I have had experience tutoring high school students hoping to apply to study Classics at Oxford, as well as a wide range of experience working as an educational volunteer in museums during my time at university.

I loved studying Classics, Latin and Ancient Greek at Oxford, and I was very happy to receive a First Class result in my degree. I bring this combination of academic experience and enthusiasm for the subject to my teaching, and I always strive to make lessons informative, engaging and rewarding.

I studied Latin at school, but I learned Ancient Greek from scratch when I started at university. I have gained from my own experience helpful ways to approach learning ancient languages, and I think it's important to use a range of different techniques in each lesson and adapting them to the individual student.

Apollonia $40-50/hr

Law - University of Cambridge

I deliver results by combining my determination with that of my students. I help students differentiate themselves by recognising their strengths and helping them to bring these out in their applications. I have excellent exam technique which I pass onto my students to ensure that they achieve top grades.

Apollonia's last completed Latin job with Alenke: - Beginners

Andris $40-50/hr

Theology and Religion - University of Oxford

I graduated top of my year with a First in BA Theology from Oxford in 2013, since then I have undertaken a two-year MPhil in Theology and Religion and am currently half way through a PhD. Throughout my time at university I have done lots of teaching and tutoring in various forms from private tutoring to teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy in schools and pre-university summer schools.

I also have extensive experience in preparing candidates for the Oxbridge admissions process, having participated in several admissions programmes and summer schools designed to help students through the process from personal statements to interviews.

I'm very enthusiastic and I try to make my teaching fun. Students learn simple things easily - I see it as my job to make difficult and complex material simple and interesting. I've seen not only great improvement in my students, but also a growing curiosity in the subject.

I've taught lots of curricula and seen excellent results and improvement in my students.

Thomas $40-50/hr

History - University of Cambridge

Since 2014, I have tutored students from Hong Kong and Malaysia on their applications to study History at Oxford and Cambridge. During this time, I helped students to explore their areas of historical interest in reading programmes. I also guided them through the process of writing personal statements, carried out mock interviews, and delivered individual progress reports. Additionally, I have guided students on their regular academic work and extended projects. I have helped numerous students to obtain an offer to study History at Oxford and Cambridge.

I have gained further teaching experience through voluntary work. In 2013, I volunteered at a summer camp in Ethiopia. After the charity had greatly underestimated the academic ability of the students, I worked with my team to rewrite a suitable syllabus to a short deadline. I created classes for History, Debating, Mock Elections, Model United Nations and Mock Law Trials for aspiring lawyers and politicians.

In 2014, I also helped to create and teach a life-planning course for adult orphans in Rwanda. Government policy meant the orphanage for genocide survivors was soon to shut, but the orphans aged 18-26 needed help in getting a job to economically support themselves. I created sessions in CV-writing, interview preparation and developing relevant occupational skills. As a result of these lessons, I helped some of the orph...

Leah $40-50/hr

Ancient History - University of Oxford

Firstly, I am a good tutor because I have an extensive knowledge of my subject area. I am a committed and enthusiastic classicist. I first discovered Latin and Greek at school, before studying for a BA in Classics at Oxford, in which I achieved a double first. In my four years as an undergraduate, I developed advanced skills in both ancient languages. I then stayed on at Oxford for postgraduate study. I recently completed a Master of Studies in Greek and Roman History, graduating with a distinction. I am now undertaking a DPhil in Ancient History.

However, perhaps more importantly, I am a good tutor because I love to share my interest in the ancient world. I have gathered a significant amount of teaching experience over the last few years. I have taught Latin to beginners in Oxford, through the Iris Project, and London, and I have taught Greek to learners of all levels at the JACT Greek Summer School at Bryanston. I am familiar with the GCSE and A Level courses and the most popular textbooks for both Latin and Greek. I have also read a wide variety of Latin and Greek texts in the original languages, and can teach any Roman and Greek literature.

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Lucy $40-50/hr

Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature - University of Oxford

I tutored throughout my undergraduate career in French, Latin, and Greek, and I worked for two years in my college Writing Center as a peer writing tutor, helping students with every step of the writing process from brain storming to revising final work.

Lucy's last completed Latin job with Amy: - Latin Tutor

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