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London University - French Language and Literature - BA Hons Degree

Experienced language teacher specialising in IELTS, French and English language & literature to UK and international syllabi available to help you improve your grades.

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About Me

Naturally, like all other teachers, I feel most comfortable helping students focus on an area where they feel weak and enabling them to develop their skills and confidence. It is most rewarding when clients pass their exam or enjoy feeling more independent because lessons with me have given them the ability to communicate more effectively. My aim is for you to have the same experience.

Tutor Experience

I am ambitious for my students and my lessons are intensive, refreshing and tailored very specifically to your needs.

I do exam preparation for IELTS and TOEFL.

If you are looking for help with English language and literature or French GCSE/IGCSE/IB/A level and Higher Level IB I have the experience and skills you need and an enhanced DBS.

My subjects are:

English as a Foreign Language
French Ab Initio to A level and Higher Level Diploma
English language and literature to A level or IB Higher level

I teach in both the private and the state sector in the UK and to international students of all ages and levels and enjoy the experience of seeing very young children, teenagers and adults making tangible progress in their French and English.

My degree is a BA Hons in French Language and Literature from London University and I have Qualified Teacher Status and TESOL qualifications.

Topic Expertise

I have been teaching for well over ten years and I love it.

As a language graduate specialising in Modern Foreign Languages in my Post Graduate Diploma I am well placed to teach English as a foreign language and enjoy success here.

My specialist subject is French language & literature and I have both private and state school experience teaching French GCSE and A level . I also teach to the IB syllabus.

At this very moment the bulk of my students are studying for their English GCSE (language and literature) and I have various IELTS groups online in China.

Client Reviews

great and useful class

- French

This lesson is extremely useful, and I learned a lot

- French

Dorcas indeed raised up knowledge 1 level for my son. From B to A. My son liked working with her as she always aimed higher and provided information which would engage and motivate a student. I hope it would help other parents and students to chose Dorcas. We are very happy with the level our son has achieved. Thank you, Veronica

- French

Really good class. Dorcas helped me find my path and helped me improve my analytical skills greatly.

- English

Providing a good grounding for my daughter.

- English

Dorcas is a very outstanding tutor. She could find out the problems of me, and could help me figure out them efficiently. Moreover, she is really patient and kind. I strongly recommend Dorcas to everyone.



"Dorcas really helped me with my studies as an IB student. I was able to grow in my abilities and achieve a good result at the end of it. Thank you!"

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BA Hons in French language and literatures from London University


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