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University of Manchester - Environmental Impact Assessment and Management - Masters of Science

I am an experienced tutor with a range of qualifications and work experiences. I am passionate about delivering high quality environmental, geographical and scientific education to the next generation who will help drive sustainable development.

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About Me

I have always been fascinated with the natural world and how the human world can better ensure our existence on earth is prolonged. I firmly believe, provided the state of planetary systems, studying environmental, geographical and scientific phenomena is the best decision you can make for your future. This led me to eighteen different work experiences and two university degrees to expand and deepen my knowledge. In September, I will be joining the National Grid to deliver the UK's largest infrastructure project by conducting environmental impact assessment studies and ensuring project objectives are met.

I love running, rock climbing, surfing, and running my social media accounts in my spare time. I currently run a theme page that hopes to allow people to "Keep Seeing the Wonder!" (out motto). We've just hit 10,000 followers!

Tutor Experience

I have been part-time tutoring for over a year now. I have completed over 60 lessons in a range of subjects from geography to English literature! I have also taken part in peer education where I tutored mathematics for a term.

My approach is largely lecturing with interactive sections throughout my lessons. As lessons go on I like to shift this lecturing to questions and exam-style learning. At the start and end of each lesson, I like to have a discussion over what may need to change with the lesson plan or what is working best or not so well. I like to adapt to each student.

Topic Expertise

My area of expertise is firstly Geography and then Biology. I am also happy to tutor physics, chemistry, English literature and English language. I am experienced with a range of exam boards.

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Undertaking: MSc Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
1st Class (Hons) Geography
A-Levels: Geography (A*)
GCSE: Geography A*
10 GCSEs A*-A


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