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University of Exeter - Mathematics - 2:1 Hons PGCE

- Detail-oriented professional teacher, tutor and school leader with 11 years of experience instilling confidence in secondary school students.
- Expert delivery at all levels. KS3, GCSE, A-Level and Further A-Level
- Dedicated to empowering mathematics students with constructive feedback.
- I have a proven track record for helping my students achieve outstanding results.

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About Me

I am a very effective teacher of mathematics. I am not satisfied with just teaching methods that work - I will strive to find a way that helps my student gain a complete understanding of the problem in hand. My best skill as a teacher is explaining difficult ideas and concepts in a tailored way that is easy to understand.

Passionate about teaching Maths, happy husband of a beautiful wife and a proud father of three wonderful boys.

Tutor Experience

I have 11 years experience of teaching GCSE and A-Level Maths in secondary high schools in South Wales. For the last two years I have also been teaching A-Level Further Maths. I have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of all GCSE topics at all tiers. What is more important than having this knowledge, is that I can teach and explain these topics just as effectively; eleven years of experience has made me aware of just about every common misconception that a student can make in GCSE mathematics. My knowledge, confidence and ability to convey ideas at A-Level is just as strong. I have a proven track record of helping my students to achieve exceptional results at GCSE and A-Level.

All of my teaching has been in accordance with the WJEC/Eduqas syllabus but I am very adaptable and would have no difficulty in teaching in accordance with other UK exam boards. I have a good working knowledge of all the other UK exam boards' syllabuses as I often use their questions to enhance my own lessons at GCSE and A Level.

Throughout my eleven years of teaching I have garnered hundreds of hours of experience of teaching students in one-to-one tutorial sessions. Lockdown has afforded me the opportunity to practise and develop my tutoring skills in the online arena and as a result, I feel that my online tutoring is just as, if not more, impactful as it would be in the flesh.

Topic Expertise

Mathematics - KS3 - GCSE - A LEVEL - FURTHER A LEVEL

Client Reviews

It was fantastic

- Mathematics

Constructive tuition sessions, that really helped me with my preparation for my GCSE maths.

- Mathematics

It was constructive

- Mathematics

Loved the lesson, stayed with me a bit longer to fully make sure I understood the question and came up with analogies that really helped me understand several concepts in more detail, can't wait for our next lesson

- Mathematics

Loved it, explained thing's in a way so I could understand concept's that we could then scale up, helped me with all of my work, hope to see him again very soon!

- Mathematics

helpful as always

- Mathematics

extremely helpful

- Mathematics

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2006 - 2010
2:1 (hons) Mathematics - University of Exeter
2010 - 2011
P. G.C.E in Secondary Education - Cardiff Metropolitan University


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