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PhD - University of Surrey

Have taught at tertiary level within the University of Surrey (UK) and the APM College of Business and Communications (Sydney, Australia).
Courses taught include the Principles of marketing, Marketing Fundamentals, Direct and digital marketing, Sponsorship and Events marketing

1. Fundamentals of marketing
12 week course covered the fundamentals of marketing from a theoretical construct perspective including:
o The scope of marketing
o Developing marketing strategies and plans
o The use of research to determine product development
o Forecasting demand
o Creating customer value and loyalty
o Customer behaviour
o Customer segmentation
o Market segments
o Brands and brand equity
o Brand positioning and why this is important
o The 7 Ps

2. Direct marketing course
The second 12 week course was the role and impact of direct marketing or digital marketing
o The role of marketing communication
o SEO/Effective targetting
o Role of above the line and below the line advertising
o Integrated marketing programmes

3. Sponsorship & Events Marketing
- This course focused on how to use sponsorships and partnerships to grow a brand. This included the selection of the appropriate sponsorship property for the company, the contract negotiation, the implementation process and the integration of the property with the company’s marketing and communication programmes
o Included teaching specific theoretical aspects of marketing for example segmentation and why this factor is important in marketing planning and strategy.
o Students are encouraged to develop an understanding for how the principles impact their actual place of work or a theoretical place of work.

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