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Law LLB - Queen Mary University of London

I have over 8 years' of teaching and tutoring experience including: * for ages 14-18- providing GCSE, A level and IB tuition in Law, English, Business Studies and Philosophy. I also help students apply for university, draft personal statements, obtain legal work experience and generally improve their academic writing skills ready for university; * for aspiring lawyers- teaching LLB, LLM, GDL, BPTC and LPC modules including admissions tests such as the LNAT and BCAT, obt...
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Recent Students: 22 Total Hours: 1365
All-time Students: 153 Last Online: 22 May 2022




LLB Law - University of Bristol

I have spent the last 6 months tutoring University students who have had their studies disrupted. I have tutored the core law undergraduate modules whilst I have been completing my LPC / LLM. I have tutored all of the core law modules, supported in law firm applications and in addition have studied various elective modules. My tutoring experience has been predominantly based online and therefore I am extremely efficient and experienced in this.
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Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 158
All-time Students: 13 Last Online: 16 May 2022




Law - University of Leeds

I have been teaching law since 2011 and I currently lecture law and criminology at a University. Drawing on my experience both in practice and in teaching, I am able to tutor at all stages and across all subjects in legal education, from A level through to post graduate and professional qualifications. I currently deliver law and criminology modules to foundation level students from diverse backgrounds, who are accessing their undergraduate degree courses via a foundati...
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Recent Students: 9 Total Hours: 28
All-time Students: 10 Last Online: 22 May 2022




Law - University of Cambridge

My legal career started soon after I graduated with a masters degree from the University of Cambridge in 2013. I have worked as an in-house lawyer for a successful company - International Probiotics Association. Teaching law has always been my passion and hence private tuition has been my supplementary job since June 2013. I have experience in teaching law for both students and legal professionals having worked at the University of Reading.
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 7
All-time Students: 7 Last Online: 08 Apr 2022




LLB Law, MA Medical Law and Ethics, MA Theology, PHD - Reading, King's London, University of Kent

I have tutored law students at a range of different levels: 'A' Level, Degree and Professional Qualification Level - i.e., Law undergraduates seeking to pass the Professional Examinations and Lawyers from other jurisdictions seeking to re-qualify in the UK. The law subjects I have tutored are as follows:- Tort, Contract, Equity and Trusts, Public Law, Jurisprudence, Human Rights, English Legal System, Wills and Probate, Solicitors Accounts I have also assisted with Disserta...
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 0
All-time Students: 0 Last Online: 12 Sep 2021




Law - University of Cambridge

I have worked with many UK tutoring agencies over the past seven years. I now specialise in university-level tuition, but am also experienced in A-Level and GCSE-level tuition. I also mentor students during the course of job and university applications, interviews and assessments. I am passionate about inspiring my students, and my style is practical and relatable.
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Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 0
All-time Students: 0 Last Online: 28 Apr 2022

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