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Myrto Maria

5.0 21 hours in Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)


Architecture Practice and Management (RIBA Pt 3) - University of Westminster

I have been tutoring on spires for about a year helping out students from all levels of architectural studies. I was also a tutor assistant at AA (Architectural Association School of London) Visiting School in Athens on kinetic and programming architecture, helping the students with their installation with Arduino and Processing. I have done some tutorials during studies on architectural concept design to help the students maximise their creativity and expand their horizons....
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All-time Students: 8 Last Online: 22 Mar 2023




Architecture - Oxford Brookes

During my career, I have mentored students within the field of architecture, providing a range of lessons from design concepts, to the use of architectural software, to CV and interview prep. I have also been involved in delivering workshops at The Bartlett UCL for young students considering embarking on architectural education, and architecture workshops at high schools with Oxford Brookes University. I have been part number of crit panels for final design reviews.
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All-time Students: 0 Last Online: 16 Mar 2023




Architecture - University of Cambridge

Design is an incredibly powerful force, which can bring meaning, value, beauty and joy to our lives. Everything has been designed - good design doesn't happen by accident. Whether it is a spoon, a piece of furniture or an entire masterplan - there is an iterative, problem-solving process which all architects and designers journey through before life-changing beautiful designs are realised. I encourage my students to explore, play and learn to communicate with the language o...
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