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Zoltan $46/hr

PhD - Royal Holloway

5.0 (237 classes)

I’ve been working in universities and colleges for 15 years and have over 2 years experience of private teaching (1000+ hours). I’m an expert in linear algebra and elements of probability theory and have a range of experience teaching optimisation theory (including game theory), advanced calculus and complex analysis. I’ve delivered private lectures to A-level, IB maths students and undergraduates from prestigious UK universities. I teach students to learn the crucial concepts of maths more easi...
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Recent Students: 16 Total Hours: 307 Last Online: 29 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 24 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 301 Signed Up: 08 Feb 2018

Virender $65-75/hr

Honours Mathematics; Applied Statistics; PGCPE - University of Southampton; BPP University

5.0 (168 classes)

I believe that a good tutor combines teaching and mentoring in a way that encourages students to use their own thinking and ability, set their own ‘agenda’, ask questions and then works with them to improve their self- confidence and ability in the subject. I have degrees in Mathematics, Statistics and a postgraduate certificate in Teaching. I focus on teaching Mathematics and Statistics at Advanced, Foundation and University levels to a variety of students. I teach A-level Maths and Statist...
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Recent Students: 10 Total Hours: 168 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 24 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 31 Signed Up: 03 Dec 2018

Shubh $65/hr

Masters in Economics and Statistics - DSE

5.0 (1237 classes)

I have 1500+ hours of teaching experience in the field of Microeconomics, Statistics and Econometrics. I became an online tutor in 2015 and have been teaching full time since then. I have worked with students who were complete beginners, as well as those who were facing challenges in mastering advanced topics. I completely understand the initial struggle in decoding the concepts and formulas. I am adept in breaking down difficult concepts with the use of simple examples. I don't encourage memo...
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Recent Students: 82 Total Hours: 1198 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 90 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 29 Signed Up: 04 Apr 2018

Anja $70-80/hr

Mathematics - University of Leeds

4.9 (116 classes)

I'm a maths support advisor as well as an online tutor. In both, my work as an advisor and a tutor, I help students learn maths. I enjoy getting to know individuals' learning styles and levels of maths knowledge, as it allows me to present mathematical knowledge in a way that best suits the student and find ways for the student to progress. I love maths and enjoy encouraging students to discover its beauty and usefulness. I also have extensive experience of supporting students with maths anxiety...
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Recent Students: 4 Total Hours: 131 Last Online: 28 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 4 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 14 Signed Up: 03 Nov 2017

Neha $65/hr

Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics - Indian Statistical Institute

5.0 (1738 classes)

Overall 10 years of teaching experience for the university level students
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Recent Students: 22 Total Hours: 1597 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 89 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 9 Signed Up: 27 Feb 2019

Yashine $52/hr

BSc (Hons) & MSc - University of Mauritius & University of KwaZulu-Natal

4.3 (19 classes)

10+ years of teaching experience both in class (theoretical and practical) and online (interactive) Taught Undergraduate level (Year 1 - 3), Honors level at the University of Mauritius, Mauritius Modules: See Subject Expertise (Mathematics) Demonstrator and Tutor in Physics for Year 1 at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Taught 4th year / Honours course For National Astrophysics & Space Science Programme, (NASSP) At the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Module name: M...
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Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 18 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 8 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 9 Signed Up: 02 Oct 2020

Andrea $45-55/hr

Mathematics - University College London

5.0 (9 classes)

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea, I am 34 years old matematician. I have more than 15 years teaching mathematics at all levels. In my view, the most important attributes of a good teacher are patience and empathy! The student needs to feel at ease and learn in a friendly environment. Student must feel comfortable, asking the same question several times if the previous were not clear to them. During the class I write on a Wacom tablet, using several colours and highlighters, the lesson is fu...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 6 Last Online: 04 Sep 2020
All-time Students: 7 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 3 Signed Up: 15 Nov 2019

Panagiotis $65-75/hr

MSc - Queen Mary University of London

5.0 (405 classes)

I have been working as a maths tutor since 2011 and online exclusively since 2015, with over 6000 hours of experience. During this period, I have successfully assisted students studying for their GCSE and IB/A-levels all the way up to university modules and exams. This has taken place both privately and while holding external tutoring roles in various London schools. In the online realm, I have worked with students from all over the world, those studying for UK specifications as well as undergra...
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Recent Students: 28 Total Hours: 492 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 31 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 2 Signed Up: 20 Sep 2019

Joseph $45-55/hr

Applied Maths & Physics/Artificial Intelligence/Computational Neuroscience - University College Cork/University of Edinburgh

5.0 (9 classes)

During my PhD I held numerous tutoring positions for MSc level courses: - Neural Computation - Neural Information Processing - Computational Cognitive Science - Programming for Neuroscience (MatLab & Python) - Informatics MSc Research Projects (Machine Learning) Prior to this, I tutored Mathematics and Physics privately for a number of years to a range of levels (primary to university): - Secondary School Level Mathematics (Irish Junior and Leaving Certificate, GSCE) - Secondary School Physic...
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Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 10 Last Online: 27 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 5 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 2 Signed Up: 04 Sep 2020

Lindsay $52/hr

Mathematics - University of Cambridge

5.0 (228 classes)

I am a very experienced online maths tutor who has worked with many A level and GCSE students to improve their grades. Recently I have supported many students during lockdown and helped to minimise the disruption to their education by covering missed content and revising work they had done earlier in the year. As we work through another year of uncertainty I can provide the extra boost you need to understand and learn maths by identifying gaps in your knowledge and working to fill them in. I te...
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Recent Students: 10 Total Hours: 218 Last Online: 30 Oct 2020
All-time Students: 18 Total Undergraduate Mathematics Hours: 2 Signed Up: 05 Dec 2016

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