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University of Cambridge - HSPS, MPhil Biological Anthropological Science - MPhil, BA (Hons)


I am 23 year-old Cambridge graduate (BA 2015-2018, MPhil 2018-2019) with three nationalities and who is a native speaker of English, French and Spanish! I was educated in the French system and so have an understanding of both Anglo-Saxon and Francophone approaches to teaching. I can tutor English, French and Spanish as second languages. I have experience with the IGCSE examination system, and have A* in IGCSE French, Spanish and History.

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About me

Hello, my name is Laura! I have three nationalities and am trilingual: I was born in the United States to an English mother and a Spanish father, and I have lived in France since the age of four. I was educated in the French system, but took History, Geography, English Literature and English Language in a British international section, and therefore sat the OIB (Option Internationale of the French Baccalaureate). I am therefore familiar with several approaches to teaching - a continental French approach and a more Anglo-Saxon style, and as such could be a great bridge for students bridging across systems. I attended the University of Cambridge from 2015 to 2018 to study Human, Social and Political Sciences (focusing on Biological Anthropology), and graduated with a First class degree. I was then an MPhil student (research Masters) at Cambridge for a year in the department of Biological Anthropology, and will begin as a postgraduate student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in September. In my free time I keep up to date with my German on Duolingo and have been learning Mandarin Chinese! Potential students: I hope that I can help you grow in ability and in confidence in your second languages!

Tutor Experience

I have tutored in person in France through my gap year and during my undergraduate. After taking a year out to pursue a research MPhil, I am looking forward to resuming tutoring via a digital platform. I have tutored in English and in French, and have helped students in a wide variety of subjects from History and Philosophy to Biology. I have also assisted students in preparation for exams (French International Baccalaureate, IGCSE), and have experience in helping students to write personal statements. On Spires, I am particularly keen to help students who need help or just a bit of extra practice conversing in and learning second languages - I can tutor in French and Spanish for native English speakers, and can teach English for native French and Spanish speakers. I have received great feedback from students in the past, but am new to online teaching!

Topic Expertise

French, Spanish, English as a foreign language.

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