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See how happy our clients are with Spires online tutoring below.

Student Professional Tutor Date Subject Rating Comment
Dr Steve 26 Jan 2022 Religious Studies
Really useful session as I got advice on my exams coming up and how to resolve the situation if needed.
Paulomi 26 Jan 2022 Psychology
Ms. Paulomi helped me make a plan to get ready for my mock exams and my IB exams. She is a very friendly teacher who teaches in very funny ways and gives me goals to help with managing my study time better. Thank you!
David 26 Jan 2022 Human Resources
David really is an asset! :)
Johnette 26 Jan 2022 History
Lots of good resources were introduced to me, which was very good!
Dr Steve 25 Jan 2022 Religious Studies
Really thought provoking introductory session on free will and determinism. Really looking forward to continuing this topic further.
Kirsten 25 Jan 2022 English Literature
great lesson and was a big help for essay writing
Carolina 25 Jan 2022 Spanish
Carolina does a weekly class with my 11-year-old son, he is enjoying working with her to improve his Spanish speaking and grammar skills. She is very kind and professional, I am happy with the progress so far.
Dr Steve 25 Jan 2022 Education
Such great knowledge!!!
Tanya 25 Jan 2022 Chemistry
Very helpful lesson again, thank you very much!
Bola 25 Jan 2022 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
This class was great, I had difficulties with Variances and found financial reporting quite daunting but Bola was able to explain this in an easy way for me to understand and the real-life examples are very useful!
Dr Steve 24 Jan 2022 Religious Studies
Really good session covering an extra philosopher outside of the syllabus. Enjoyed his approach to morality.
Intasar 24 Jan 2022 Chemistry
Wonderful lesson, with all my queries answered
Federico 24 Jan 2022 STATA
Really helpful and fantastic knowledge of Stata
Brian 24 Jan 2022 Geography
Brian has been very informative and helpful with my son's coursework. He was friendly and personable and my son gained a better understanding on the areas he was lacking. I will certainly continue to use him for 1:1 lessons.
Brian 24 Jan 2022 Geography
Very structured and specific to my needs
Celine 24 Jan 2022 Psychology
Celine is a brilliant teacher. Very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. I had a really enjoyable session and left with lots of great ideas and guidance. I’ll be booking Celine again
Ruwayda 24 Jan 2022 SPSS
Amazing! Ruwayda is very knowledgeable.
Dr. Man Djun 24 Jan 2022 Mechanical Engineering
Best tutoring experience i have had. I really appreciate the time care and effort you have put into my sessions and the huge support you have been to me during the module. Thank you!
Fraser 24 Jan 2022 Biochemistry
Dr Steve 23 Jan 2022 Religious Studies
Great lesson. Went over the criticisms of the teleological argument from Hume and Mill

Spires Testimonials

Chemistry A-Level

25 hours of classes

"We really struggled to find a good online tutoring site and decided on Spires. Nicholas has really helped our son prepare for his A levels this summer. Thank you!"

Jane, London UK

Physics GCSE

15 hours of classes

"Alex was an incredibly helpful physics tutor! She really knows her stuff and wants to make sure my son leaves the lesson with an understanding of the core concepts."

Rahul, Newport UK

Oxford Entrance

15 hours of classes

"I have just received my offer to study Physics at Oxford University. Spires really help me through the whole application process and I can not thank them enough."

Julia, London UK

Maths Adult

50 hours of classes

"I never managed to get my head around maths at school. With a new job offer, I found myself looking for online maths tutoring. I was connected with a great online maths tutor."

Ahmed, Windsor UK

Biology AS Level

22 hours of classes

"We were skeptical about online tutoring at first. Mahima is such a great online biology tutor that we quickly fell in love with the idea. Thank you Spires for helping me succeed!"

Paul, Basildon UK

Modern Greek

19 hours of classes

"I married a Greek woman and had to get my language skills up to scratch before the wedding. The platform was easy to use and I think it works great for online language tutoring!"

Alex, Somerset UK

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