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Student Date Subject Rating Comment
Ameena Jun 2020 STATA
Singh is a great tutor, explained STATA in detail, cleared all my doubts and this was really helpful.
Harpreet Jun 2020 Religious Studies
Great lesson, going into the technical detail about the exam and specification.
Keiron Jun 2020 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Another great lesson by Aniello. I received my first assignment mark back from the training provider, I wish to thank Aniello for the support and patience.
Zufra Jun 2020 Business Studies
it was amazing i understood most of the stuff and she explained to me thing that i didnt get so it was helpfull
Von Jun 2020 Economics
Elsa was able to explain difficult concepts with ease given a very limited timeframe. Very friendly and patient teaching style as well.
Christine Jun 2020 Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)
Excellent Employment Law class with Sarah covering Settlement Agreements
Iman Jun 2020 Economics
Very helpful! She gave me clear and detailed advice!
Hibaaq Jun 2020 Education
awesome as usual. very good at getting students to digest info.
Annabelle Jun 2020 Economics
We went through linear supply and demand functions, how to solve and plot them, as well as how to fully understand them to be able to explain how they work. Very helpful, thanks!
Brett Jun 2020 Economics
A very good tutor, strongly recommend
Yamman Jun 2020 Further Mathematics
Jennie Jun 2020 Psychology
Could not literally do this dissertation without your help, guidance, knowledge and support. Thank you sooo sooo much.
Philip Jun 2020 Mathematics
Thanks Panos
Katie Jun 2020 Psychology
Today was my third session with Natalia. She's consistently been such a great tutor in helping me arrange my thoughts and build my confidence in academic writing.
Thomas Jun 2020 Further Mathematics
Another brilliant lesson!
Fatima May 2020 Psychology
Thank you Natalia
Sadia May 2020 Geography
Jennie May 2020 Psychology
Extremely valuable, thank you so much.
Annabelle May 2020 Economics
We went over my semester 1 exam and how to effectively show my understanding of the content in the exam questions, to score higher marks. Very helpful, thanks!
Mark May 2020 Computer Science
Thank you!!!!

Spires Testimonials

Chemistry A-Level

4 days ago 25 hours of classes

"We really struggled to find a good online tutoring site and decided on Spires. Nicholas has really helped our son prepare for his A levels this summer. Thank you!"

Jane, London UK

Physics GCSE

1 day ago 15 hours of classes

"Alex was an incredibly helpful physics tutor! She really knows her stuff and wants to make sure my son leaves the lesson with an understanding of the core concepts."

Rahul, Newport UK

Oxford Entrance

2 days ago 15 hours of classes

"I have just received my offer to study Physics at Oxford University. Spires really help me through the whole application process and I can not thank them enough."

Julia, London UK

Maths Adult

5 days ago 50 hours of classes

"I never managed to get my head around maths at school. With a new job offer, I found myself looking for online maths tutoring. I was connected with a great online maths tutor."

Ahmed, Windsor UK

Biology AS Level

1 week ago 22 hours of classes

"We were skeptical about online tutoring at first. Mahima is such a great online biology tutor that we quickly fell in love with the idea. Thank you Spires for helping me succeed!"

Paul, Basildon UK

Modern Greek

6 days ago 19 hours of classes

"I married a Greek woman and had to get my language skills up to scratch before the wedding. The platform was easy to use and I think it works great for online language tutoring!"

Alex, Somerset UK

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