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I like reading books and travelling-always ready to learn about new cultures

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Coming from a family of science teachers (Maths and Chemistry) it was my dream to become a Maths teacher since the age of thirteen.I have graduated with a bachelor degree of science from University of Manchester in 1997 and obtained my QTS in 1998. I have been teaching Maths for the last 22 years in schools and colleges and have a big experience on online teaching.
I love Maths and there is no greater pleasure to transfer this to my students. The way I teach a topic varies on each student. I have helped many students get their target grade and I will always aim for my students to get an A. All they need to do is study hard.

Client Reviews

Zhala - Mathematics

KONSTANTINA explained the new topic that I wanted to discuss with her in the most easiest way. Thus, I completely understood the new topic. Thank you very much !! 👍👌

Hani - Mathematics

I always enjoy every math class I have with Konstantina and I have learned so much already.

Hani - Mathematics

great lesson on trigonometry

Hani - Mathematics

It was a great lesson!

Nusrat - Mathematics

Konstantina is best Mathematics teacher a student can. She tutored my daughter in A Levels and she got A and now she is tutoring my son for his IGcse and its helping him a lot . I highly recommend her .

Roha - Mathematics

Great teacher and makes the lesson very easy and interesting. I highly recommend her.

Alexandra - Mathematics

Revision session. Konstantina makes math easy and understandable and I absolutely love it

Alexandra - Mathematics

Konstantina is more than my maths teacher, she is my support and foundation. She had programmed me on maths so good that I can​ turn on music really loud and do not think of what I am doing, but still solve everything correctly. This shows her professionalism and I am very impressed

Alexandra - Mathematics

Konstantina is the greatest teacher! She taught me to absolutely LOVE maths and believe in myself, that I really can do it and score high. She inspires me to learn maths and supports me, and it really-really motivates me to study even more. I am more than happy about my learning, I want to know more and more...

Alexandra - Mathematics

Wonderful lesson on a normal distribution. Difficult topic but Konstantina explains​ it well

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