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University of Oxford - Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition - MSc


I am a French native speaker with a passion for languages.
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About me

My passion for languages arose early on. I grew up in France and started learning English when I was seven years old and then Spanish several years later. Language learning occupies a major part in my life. However, I am also a huge sport enthusiast. I love basketball, windsurfing and swimming. During my PGCE year, I played for the 1st Women University team (Full Blue award-Basketball) and I will be the captain of the team for the coming season (2016-2017). Committing to my studies at the University of Oxford and playing high-level sport taught me a lot about pushing my limits and achieving my full potential. I am very good at motivating and encouraging people around me to achieve their full potential!

Tutor Experience

During my time as a French assistant (2013-2015, Sherborne School, Dorset), I enjoyed working with different age groups of French learners. Following the same students for two years allowed me to see how their learning progressed in a non-linear way. I appreciated how my position let me focus on how pupils learn languages. I found it fascinating how their command of the language evolved throughout the months and changed from one learner to another due to various factors, such as motivation and memory training. This fantastic experience is what ultimately led me to apply to the PGCE course at the University at Oxford. My teacher training has been everything that I hoped it would be and I feel extremely well prepared. I am confident that my experience as a French assistant and a PGCE intern equipped me with many valuable tutoring skills. Furthermore, being a French native speaker enables me to include more cultural themes in tutorials and enables the tutee to have a more authentic link with the language.

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