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I seek to form a warm rapport with every student I teach, being encouraging and supportive yet challenging you too when that is needed.

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I love to write; I've contributed over 30 articles to the Times Educational Supplement down the years on the subject of mathematics education. I was the originator and am the author of the successful Ritangle competition for A Level mathematics that ran for the first time in 2016; it has now become a regular event. My first career was in music; I was a member of the popular showband in the eighties, Harvey and the Wallbangers, who were on the road for six years. I sang, and played guitar and violin. That led on to being asked to play the character of Stringfellow on the childrens' TV programme Playdays. I've also written a small book on the Bible which is published by Darton, Longman and Todd, and 'The Proving Ground', an introduction to mathematical proof published by the ATM.


I have really enjoyed lessons with Jonny, I feel like I have a deep appreciation and understanding for maths beyond the A-Level syllabus. During lessons, Jonny consolidates the theory by presenting me with challenges and mathematical problems, which has allowed me to make synoptic links between areas of the A-Level specification. Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend Jonny as he is an enthusiastic and helpful tutor. Katherine. From Katherine; Hello Jonny, I’ve received my A-Level results and I’ve met the conditions for my firm offer, medicine at UCL. I got an A in maths. Thank you for all of your help!

Jonny has a been a great help to me during my transition from GCSE to AS Mathematics. I really feel that I have benefited from our online lessons, and feel calm and prepared going into my forthcoming exam – Dafydd Williams, Cardiff, Wales.

I taught Josh in 2015; this is Ruth his mother messaging me in 2018. Josh has finished his dissertation, he is fast heading towards a first from York - proud mother moment. I've sent you a copy as you are the only person who can understand more than the title! Thanks for all the help you gave him with his A levels. Ruth

I’ve really enjoyed being taught by Jonny over the past couple of months. Throughout our sessions he constantly encouraged me and gave me the confidence boost I definitely needed heading into the pressured exam season. The structure of our lessons were always based around what I wanted to go through in particular so that we could specifically target and improve my problem areas. A great tutor overall - extremely friendly and even more helpful for getting me to the level I needed to be. Many thanks as always. Hannah Hi Jonny, hope you're well and having a good summer. I got my results today and got an A* in maths! :) Thank you again for all your help and guidance. Best wishes, Hannah

Jonny, Well, Ulysses is taking his last Cambridge Exam today, thank goodness. He accomplished a lot in a short period of time, and your help was critical. Now we just have to wait until August to learn how he has done. [Note; Ulysses in fact achieved an A Grade.] Your knowledge of the tests and ability to explain not only the concepts but the grading methodology have been instrumental in Uly's ability to perform as well as he could given the time constraints. Thank you for the time and effort you put into helping him. Uly always felt better about his understandings after he worked with you. Wishing you luck with your book writing and tutoring. Best, William and Elizabeth Marco Island, FL PS: If you are ever in south Florida, give us a call!

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Leo - Further Mathematics


Gus Cayzer - Further Maths

wifi is really shaky, sorry to end early!

Jadhiel - Further Maths

good and very understanding

bella - Maths

best teacher ever

Sadi - Further Maths

Great guy, great teacher. 10/10

Sadi - Further Maths

As usual, very informative, concise, and clear. Well done!


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BA Hons, MA (Cambridge University), Mathematics and Education - 1982
Cert. Ed. (Cambridge University) - 1982
Open University modules (History of Maths, Geometry and groups, Complex analysis, Number Theory and Set theory and logic) all passed with distinction - 1998-2008
Researching Mathematics Learning, Open University module resulting in the PGCPSE - 2004
MSc Research in Mathematics (University of East Anglia) - 2012


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