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I am a highly experienced and qualified Maths teacher/tutor who have managed to get pupils to get to the schools/colleges/universities of their choice by getting top marks in their exams.

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About me

I believe in taking good care of myself in all aspects to be in the best frame of mind when I tutor. I keep physically fit by regularly going to the gym, meet up with friends and family regularly, attend various seminars and conferences in Maths / teaching so constantly networking. I also am exploring into finding out more on ADHD and integrating knowledge of it to help pupils with that issue. Also about to venture into volunteering work with Rethink to further understand pupils who might be affected with mental issues and adjust my teaching accordingly to fit their needs . I've done voluntary work, tutoring disadvantaged pupils. I enjoy creating blogs regularly be it Maths or lifestyle. I also have created some Maths tutorial videos, some of which had been used by some of my friends and pupils' schools.

Tutor Experience

I am a qualified Maths teacher having PGCE and QTS as well as Bsc (Hons) in Mathematical Studies). I had been teaching/tutoring for nearly a decade with an excellent record. It can be a daunting experience for pupils who feel they are struggling to keep up with the ever increasing difficulty in the Maths curriculum as it goes through various changes. I am there to support them as a mentor, breaking down the various complicated aspects of Maths to make it easy for them to understand the subject more no matter what level they are at. It can also be a struggle if they have to deal with dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia and other issues.

Topic Expertise

Mathematics from KS2 up to AS be it Foundation or Higher level


'When my Maths grades were suffering, I decided that I could use some extra tuition. I had a C grade at AS Maths and with Dina's tuition my final A Level grade was an A/A* for Cores 1, 2, 3 and 4. I'm very happy with the results. Dina has made the parts of Maths I didn't undertand simple by breaking it down and making it stick into my brain. Thank you so much.' -Joe Bird, Year 13 A Level pupil, Burton on Trent

Dina has been an excellent tutor and has helped me a lot in Maths especially with my confidence. Dina has helped me understand a lot of things that this time last year I couldn't do. She is a motivational and supportive tutor who always encourages you to do and be your best. -Mia O Farrell year 12, pupil, Derby

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