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About Me

I am a recent graduate from the University of Oxford, where I earned a 2.1 in English and French literature. My education at Oxford has cultivated exceptional skills in literary analysis. I have a strong foundation of work experience in foreign language education, editing and proofreading, and creating educational content, and am well-equipped to handle whatever you need help with!

Tutor Experience

I have worked in a French high school (with a further education section) as an English Assistant Teacher, leading whole classes, small conversation groups, and one-on-one practices. In this role, I planned lessons, learnt effective teaching methods, and aimed to create a comfortable atmosphere for students to grow more confident in. I worked with many different departments - standard high school English, product design, international marketing, cosmetology, you name it. Everyone had different aims and purposes for learning, and thus I adapted accordingly.

Additionally, I worked at two summer schools for Japanese students coming to learn English over four summers during my degree. As a mentor, I constantly tried to make learning engaging for my students, finding a more relaxed and friendly approach to learning. An important part of learning is creating a good environment, so students who are struggling, or afraid of failing, feel comfortable enough to fulfil the potential that EVERY student has.

More recently, I have worked as a kids art teacher in an after-school programme. Art history is something seen as fairly inaccessible to kids. However, part of the challenge and fun of teaching is taking a complicated subject matter and explaining it at the student's level.

Topic Expertise

Having successfully gone through the Oxford interview process myself, giving advice to students applying after me as well, I am well-equipped to guide students through the different stages - writing a personal statement, sending in essays for literary subjects, sitting the ELAT and MLAT, preparing unseen analysis before the interview, and finally of course, passing the interview itself.

In terms of literature and literary essays, I have freelanced as an editor for a small publishing company, and currently work as a copyeditor of a psychology magazine, so have developed a keen eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of what makes good writing. This has of course been a skill I have developed throughout my degree, where I wrote one to two 2,000 essays a week as well as longer research papers, and cultivated excellent literary analysis skills from some of the best tutors in the world.

As mentioned in a previous section, working in a French high school and on Oxford summer camps for Japanese students, as well as completing a degree in French, has given me a rigorous background in language-learning for many different purposes.

I have also freelanced as a content creator for a primary-school online learning platform. For this, I write verbal reasoning and English questions and explanations. It has taught me how to explain concepts in the easiest way for students to understand, and has given me a good background in English content for younger students, particularly the 11+ which requires verbal reasoning.

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2.1 BA(Hons) in English and Modern Languages (French) from the University of Oxford

3 A levels in English Literature (A*), French (A*), and History (A)

11 GCSEs (11 A*s)


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