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University of Oxford - European and Middle Eastern Languages - BA


I am a passionate student of languages - Spanish and Arabic - and I'm Italian: I'd like to help other students with my own language!

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About me

I am a very pro-active person and I am engaged in several societies which make my life fuller and more meaningful. I love singing and playing sports, I enjoy travelling and I think that it is our first way of indirect learning, as we absorb what surrounds us without being aware of it. I strongly believe that Oxford life acquires its deepest value when along with a certainly hard study a student manages to find some time for his well-being as a person, taking care of his human side, which can be immensely enriched in this university. For this reason I have started volunteering as a mentor for young kids and I'm part of a campaign that organises events for International Students like me.

Tutor Experience

I have taught Italian, English, Latin and Ancient Greek to kids over summer and I found it very rewarding, not only because the students I taught to managed to boost their performances, but also because I felt that it had represented an enrichment for me as well. I like discovering the study method of every person I teach to and enabling her to develop her own skills, so that I can customise the tutoring experience.

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