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University of Oxford - Modern Languages - BA


I am a linguist who takes pride in building a rapport with students and endeavours to see the progress that they make.

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About me

I am a second year studying french and Italian. I will be going on my year abroad next year, and am currently finding the best way to spend that year. I am St Anne's welfare representative, and as such I provide the JCR with weekly Welfare teas and support (I have done peer support training). In my spare time, I have rowed, been part of the Cherwell broadcasting team, I've worked in the telethon and I work in my college bar. I enjoy going for long strolls in Port Meadow and spending quality time with my friends.

Tutor Experience

I am patient, and understanding about the difficulties that students may face. I will push through the difficulties with them and help them achieve their true potential. I will attempt to best guide them towards their goals, as well as understand the most efficient way for them to learn the material they need to learn.

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