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About me

When I am not tutoring, I am probably doing some squash, swimming, board games, eating out somewhere nice, having some wine, travelling around the world, socialising with friends and family, hanging out with my university students, or reading some Maths books.

Tutor Experience

I believe in a personalised tutoring for each student since each student is different.
My first target is building a comfort zone and a strong rapport with the student. If there exists an easy channel of communication between the student and the tutor, there will be confidence to communicate doubts, ask questions, and identify issues.

My second target is ensuring that the student acquires a thorough background on the subject. If the student does not have a solid background, then the new knowledge learnt will not be solid either.

My third target is providing a wide range of studying techniques which will ease the learning path.

Regarding my approach to teach Maths, I think it is utterly important to learn and understand the main mathematical concepts and definitions in order to succeed at solving mathematical problems. In addition, I break exercises down in several fundamental steps to facilitate the reasoning and understanding of the process of solving the problem.

When I teach Pure Mathematics, I aim to provide a strong understanding on the background of the Mathematical theory needed to solve the problems or to prove the corresponding theorems. Moreover, I highlight the objectives of the proofs and their consequences, why they are necessary and what the ultimate implications of the results are.

My qualifications are varied:
- PhD in Mathematics - Applied Analysis of PDEs and Integral Equations.
- Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Statistics.
- MSc Courses on Applied Mathematics: Finite Element Methods, Parallel Computing, MatLab.
- Integrated Master in Mathematics and Statistics (5 years long)

- Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education.
- Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
- Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
- Certificate in Teaching and Learning Programme
- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - TESOL Certificate

A good tutor needs to have a good ease to read the students' mind. This is important at the time of understand the anxiety that the student is suffering and is preventing him from learning. A good tutor needs to be approachable and quick at creating a comfortable, supportive and motivating rapport between the student and the tutor which provides a fluent channel of communication.

Furthermore, a good tutor needs to be confident at communicating the knowledge. This means, the tutor needs to have a solid background and a thorough understanding of the subject. We need to be aware as tutors, that the students will not only learn the subject from us, but also our skills. If we are able to transmit this feeling of confidence, the students will also feel confident themselves.

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