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University of Columbia - Comparative Literature (English and Spanish) - PhD Candidate


Well rounded tutor with knowledge of a wide variety of educational systems and standards.

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About me

When I'm not tutoring, I spend a lot of time playing cricket, listening to podcasts, or working on start up ideas. I learn about digital marketing for example. I spend a lot of time picking up useful hints and tips about the best software practises for having an organised digital life.

Tutor Experience

Double First in English literature at Cambridge and winner of a fellowship in English and Spanish at Columbia University.

4 years of teaching experience in a variety of academic contexts and for different educational levels from pre-secondary, GCSE, A Level, IB, BA and MA level teaching.

Detailed feedback on written work with a mix of encouragement and critique.
Experience in public speaking and debating.

Familiarity with the one-to-one Oxbridge tutoring system.

Genuine enthusiasm for teaching.

Client Reviews

Aruna - Other

Thank you for helping me with exams my scores were very good thanks.

Price: $45-55/hr

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PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature [English and Spanish]
BA in English Literature


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