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University of Oxford - History and Modern Languages - BA

I am a dynamic, effective and experienced French tutor.

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When I'm not tutoring, I enjoy travelling and learning languages: I learned Spanish and Italian at school, but am keen to learn some non-Romance languages - Mandarin is next on my list! I love to read, and am relishing the opportunity to devour fiction now that I have left university and no longer have a reading list the length of my arm to get through every week. My other favourite thing to do is eating: I spent a lot of my year abroad in France seeking out new restaurants and new foods to try...

Tutor Experience

I have extensive experience teaching pupils of different ages and in different settings. As part of my degree, I spent seven months teaching English to secondary-school students in France; I also taught younger children in Madagascar. In the UK, I have mentored students learning French and History (at school and later at Oxford), and led a languages club at a local secondary school for those keen to further develop their French skills. I am fluent in French, having obtained first-class honours degree (with distinction in spoken French) from Oxford and having worked in French-speaking environments on multiple occasions. I therefore have the necessary experience and qualities to teach French to a high level.

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