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My best quality as a tutor is that I am calm and patient, and I want to help people achieve their potential.

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About me

I am spending this summer working in Oxford at the college I studied at, and the work involves anything from serving over a hundred people a formal wedding dinner to moving furniture around to set up teaching rooms for conference guests. It's a really nice way to tie up my three years studying at Oxford. I'll finish in a couple of weeks, because I'm moving to London in September.

I have just signed the lease for my first flat with a friend, who is also graduating from Oxford, which is very exciting! (The living room is bright pink, but if you can't have a bright pink living room when you're 21 in your first flat, when can you?). I will be studying the Legal Practice Course (professional exams you have to complete to become a solicitor) and then in August 2017 I will be starting work as a trainee solicitor at a law firm I did a vacation scheme (like a short internship) at and loved.

Whenever I get the opportunity to go abroad, I love to go scuba diving. I've reached the PADI Rescue Diver level and I work at a Dive Show in the Birmingham NEC one weekend every year in return for free diving trips in Thailand.

Tutor Experience

Being able to adapt to different learning needs and styles is what makes me a good tutor. I spent one academic year tutoring GCSE English to a student at a school in Oxford through the Schools Plus programme. My student was really bright, but she had some problems getting along with her teachers and with the formal school environment. I was able to help her improve her confidence and skills before exams by taking a casual and informal teaching style - very different from the formal school environment - and she coped much better with this style of teaching. Reacting to different needs in this way is crucial.

I am also very aware that it is often not lack of academic ability holding a pupil back - in this case, I knew my GCSE student was very able - but a problem like exam nerves or lack of self-confidence. Being aware of this helps me approach teaching different pupils in different ways.

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