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Mandarin teacher with tutoring experience and a knowledge of Chinese culture

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About me

My academic background is in social anthropology with a specialisation on China, and I have degrees from Oxford and SOAS. I have lived in China for nearly a total of five years and I enjoy travelling around the country and talking to different people whilst attempting to decipher their accents. Although I live in the UK now, I continue to explore my interest in Chinese culture and language by reading books and watching Chinese and Taiwanese TV shows and films.

Tutor Experience

I have over 3 years’ experience teaching and tutoring English in China, as well as TEFL certification. Whilst living in China I passed the HSK 6, which is the highest level of the standardised Mandarin test. I now want to tutor Mandarin here in the UK, and apply what I’ve learned from teaching English to teaching Chinese.

I am a patient and understanding tutor, and always keep the needs and goals of my students in mind when planning and delivering lessons. I enjoy devising activities and games to help my students learn and to prevent my lessons from ever becoming repetitive. I also often utilise video and other media to bring variety to the class.

As a westerner learning Chinese, I have had to overcome the difficulties in pronunciation, tones, grammar and word choice that all foreign learners of Chinese face. I believe that being able to impart the tricks and techniques that I have used myself would be a huge help to students who are facing similar struggles.

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