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UCL - Biochemistry - BSc


Professional Data Scientist teaching R programming for data analysis.

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About me

I'm a full time data scientist and part time tutor with a background in Biochemistry.

I like learning new things and sharing them with other people. I also like R a lot - that's why I teach it.

Music is also pretty cool, and so is ancient philosophy, but I'm not really qualified to teach these, so I'm pursuing them in my free time instead.

Tutor Experience

- I have taught R programming and statistical analysis to undergraduate, graduate
students, and working professionals from beginner to advanced level.

- I have had the opportunity to tutor students from a variety backgrounds, including
political science, economics, business, and medicine.

- I have helped students complete both short-term pieces of coursework and longer
term professional training where the student and I worked together to implement R in
the student’s day-to-day workflow.

Topic Expertise

- R programming (beginner to advanced)
- Data analysis with R
- Statistics with R at undergraduate and graduate Level: descriptive statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, regression modelling
- Machine learning with R

Price: $45-55/hr

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Biochemistry (BSc) - UCL


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