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University of St. Andrews - PhD in International Relations - BA in International Relations (1st Class) from Swansea University, and MLitt in Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy (Merit) from St. Andrews University


Flexible, organised, and a good listener. Teaching and learning being when we understand each other!

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About me

I adore literature and water sports, such as swimming and sailing. I love interacting with people from different backgrounds, and I try to bring interdisciplinarity as much as I can into the work I do, both inside and outside academic boundaries. I really enjoy cooking and I think it is a great way of brining people together! I speak three languages fluently (Italian, English and Spanish) and I am learning the fourth (German). I am interested in philosophy, art, aesthetics, literature and architecture. Oh, and I love jazz!

Tutor Experience

I have been a tutor for over a year and I have considerable experience teaching students of all levels and I can easily adapt to the learning style of my tutees. My schedule is highly flexible, which allows me to make time for my tutees whenever they need me. I value my relationships with tutees highly, and I try to be a mentor and a friend to those who seek my support. I like to work with lesson plans and timelines, so that both I and my students can have a sense of directionality, where we were, where we are, and most importantly, where we are going!

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