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Whether it's analysing poems, discussing books, examining educational practice/policies, or just writing a really great essay - I'm here to help! :)

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About me

Outside of studies I do quite a bit of creative writing (slam poetry, stories, book/film reviews), illustrating (ink, watercolours, graphics tablet) and theatre (acting, writing, directing, reviewing - I have a Grade 8 LAMDA with Distinction and am a member of the National Youth Theatre).
I also enjoy walking and cycling, travelling/backpacking (so far around parts of Eastern Europe and Asia), board/video games, baking cupcakes in the microwave and indulging in all things geeky/nerdy (Harry Potter, Sherlock, GoT, Walking Dead, Marvel, Doctor Who.. I could go on, but I think I'll stop there!).
I'm always willing to try new things with a positive attitude and good work ethic and am excited to see what comes next after my degree!

Tutor Experience

I cannot lie, I do love a good essay.
But I also enjoy discussing and debating endlessly about theatre, books and films - academically, critically and for fun!
From Shakespeare to Sarah Kane, The Great Gatsby to The Hunger Games, Chinatown to Frozen - I am happy to read and watch anything you want to talk about, to help you in your studies!
In this final year of my degree, my studies have been narrowed down to:
Children's Literature (everything from picturebooks to YA!), a personal research project on poetry and memory, Modern Drama (from the 1950s to the modern day - in England and internationally), the Psychology of Education (Attachment theory, motivational theory, executive functions....) and Creativity and Thinking (mostly philosophical and sociological approach to what it means to be 'creative').
However, I have previously studied all sorts of other topics at degree level such as the history and philosophy of education, Poetry, Classic fiction, Film, and many more!
Additionally, I have often helped out with Access events in my college - and know quite a lot about the application process and interviews, if you have any questions!
I'm a friendly, approachable, smiley person - I have experience teaching English in China, running drama workshops, giving talks and presentations and generally just helping my friends out with their essays since I was in high school.
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