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About me

My chief academic interests primarily revolve around the social sciences and related disciplines; Economics, Politics, and Psychology were my A2 subjects of choice, after which I enrolled at the University of Southampton to study for a Bsc in Psychology. I am currently working as a full-time academic tutor, with an ambition of saving for a masters in behavioural economics at LSE. I have a passion for writing and literature of various forms, as well as a keen interest and understanding of Statistics and Astrophysics, which I have also studied at University. Outside of academic pursuits, I routinely engage in various team/individual sports, work on my own emerging business, have performed in front of hundreds in dramatic acts I have written myself, and keep informed of socio-political issues and developments. I am confident, engaging, and enthusiastic, and I believe I have the intellectual skills and companionable personality to ensure educational benefit in tuition.

Tutor Experience

Full-time tutor since 2015, teaching over 200 students within that time period. I have experience with a huge range of subjects; I have taught Psychology, Politics, Economics, English GCSE to A-level, as well as covering modules or assignments in Economics, Finance, Pyshcology, Statistics, Business, Management and Critical Thinking for undergraduate students.

I mainly teach A-level Economics at present, with occasional undergraduate work for Economics or Finance students. I am currently a senior tutor in Economics with one of London's leading tuition agencies, having been awarded the position in 2017.

Topic Expertise

Without wanting to sound ostentatious, my grades at all levels of education are exemplary. I achieved very high grades at University level, even in subjects I had never encountered before, including an 86 in an Astrophysics module despite neither A-level physics or maths qualifications. I believe this exemplifies my ability to deal with a broad range of academic subjects and contexts, which is reflected in the wide variety of subjects, levels and situations I have tutored in since graduating. In the past two years I have tutored for undergraduates in Business, Management, Finance, Economics, Psychology and Critical Thinking modules. I wouldn't say therefore, that I have particular expertise in any single subject, but sufficient expertise to tutor a range of subjects. Whilst I have specialised in Economics A-level for the majority of my tutoring career, this has been a consequence of preference rather than necessity.

Prior to my university education and teaching career, I achieved a reserve scholarship at Kingston Grammar School, after obtaining enough A-A* grades at GCSE. This was despite coming from a challenging academic background, with my secondary school being a state comprehensive with poor academic resources and far below average performance for my year as a whole. My A-levels were again high-scoring, with my study of British Politics in 2010 being amongst my proudest achievements-I achieved 100% in both exams, a very difficult attainment in a subjectively marked field. This relates hugely to my teaching and academic skills, as I have had to learn to excel and strive for success. I aim to use what I have learned through my own experiences to teach students to be adaptable and motivated, rather than merely knowledgeable.


(A-Level Psychology) I started studying with Matthew this Spring, in preparation for my AS exams. What appealed most to me about him at first is his ability to apply and explain concepts and theories through real life examples, which made the lessons very involved and interactive. In comparison to my school teachers and previous tutors Matthew’s teaching definitely is more suited for me and I find remembering things that we study together a lot easier. Notes and practice papers that he provides me with are always done to a high standard and haven’t disappointed me once. Matthew has also proven to be very flexible which is a good thing for me as my timetable changes frequently. Furthermore, the ability to have lessons at his house which has a black board for a wall and a nice working atmosphere appeals to me as diagrams and models can easily be explained/discussed on it. I’ve also had an experience of having a group lesson with Matthew’s other tutees, once, where I observed that his teaching style varies from person to person depending on their preferred learning style. When I started studying with Matthew I was an E grade for Economics, I am now somewhere between an A and a B grade and I give most of the credit for this to him. I would highly recommend Matthew as a personal tutor to anyone who thinks that they are behind on their studies as well as to anyone who is performing well but wants to get the best grade possible. (A-Level Psychology) Matt is an excellent psychology tutor. Highly competent, capable of explaining complicated matters in a clear and comprehensible manner, dedicated to his student and their needs, flexible and very approachable. Outstanding! (A-Level Psychology) Matt's approach is very student centred, based on the individual and his/her learning style. He first ascertained my son's understanding of the foundations of micro and macroeconomics then worked closely with him to fill in the gaps and built up a composite picture. The lessons are well structured but flexible; Matt gives my son the flexibility to explore the syllabus and develop his own thinking based on real life examples of economic practice. Matt has built up a very good rapport with my son who is genuinely engaged in the tutoring sessions and has made considerable progress. As parents we have found Matt to be responsive and reliable. I would thoroughly recommend him as a first-rate tutor. (A-Level Psychology) Matthew has been a phenomenal tutor who has had significant impact on my grades in a matter of months. Besides his incredible knowledge and coherent methods of teaching across his subjects, he has greatly helped me with revision technique and general approach to all my studies. I’m grateful to have a such an all-round ideal tutor as Matthew, and no doubt highly recommend. (A-Level Psychology) Matt is a great tutor, he has been teaching my sister for several months now and he is very keen on helping her well with her studies. He is very punctual and dedicated to what he is doing. Matt is an excellent English and Psychology tutor who supports you and gives many examples if you do not understand a question. I would highly recommend this tutor as he gives up extra time so you understand everything. I am very confident that my sister will be getting a high grade in her exams with Matt's help. Politics (A-Level Government and Politics) Matthew has been helping my daughter with her AS Level Politics since the beginning of the academic year as it was a new subject for her. I've always found him to be very reliable, communicative and punctual. My daughter, importantly, likes him and her tuition sessions. She finds the hour spent supports her in her studies and that Matthew always comes to the session fully prepared. They debate subjects and she feels that she's learning a lot generally and in matters related to her exams. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. (Casual Learner English) The key qualities that Mathew as a tutor possess are clear communication, broad variety of teaching methods and great understanding of the subject. He is motivated, punctual, creative and well organised. I find Matthew’s teaching methods highly effective but at the same time amusing and interesting. He has a patience and the great understanding of goals setting, which are in my opinion essential traits for a tutor. I have had a few private tutors before, and I found Matthew attitude towards teaching highly professional and inspiring. I would recommend Matthew to anyone looking to improve in any of the subjects that he is teaching. (Casual Learner English) Matthew has been excellent at helping with my CV and helped me a lot to improve it.

(A-level Economics) Matt is the most conscientious and patient tutor. He gives excellent feedback and works hard with his student to do well, weaknesses are addressed and he helps with such a positive attitude. I would recommend him highly to anyone studying economics for A levels ... worth every penny ... (A-level Economics) Matt truly transformed my economic A-level studies. His clear method of explaining made the syllabus comprehensible and his weekly homework’s and detailed feedback were fundamental to my progress. Matt has never let me down - I would strongly recommend as the difference he will make to your grades is most definitely worth your time and money. (A-level Economics) Matt Dyas was tutor from midway through year twelve through to the end of A-level. The content we covered was in great detail and illustrated with real life examples. This most certainly made difficult concepts and theories much easier to remember and apply in exams. Not only did Matt help me with learning the skills and knowledge required for a level economics, but he also helped me with exam skills and structure which most certainly benefitted all my A level subjects whilst putting me in good stead for university and later life. I am very grateful for the help I received from Matt and couldn’t recommend a better and more committed tutor; from the countless homework marked in great detail with advice and feedback, to the exam technique and timing guidance. In addition to this I was able to phone Matt at any point if I required any additional help. To conclude, Matt is an extremely committed tutor and will make sure he will do everything possible to reach your target grade which in my case I achieved my A grade when some people had their doubts. Therefore, if you are willing to work hard and determined to be challenged Matt Dyas is certainly the tutor for you! (A-Level Economics) Matt Dyas was my A-level Economics tutor from about halfway through my first year to the end of the second. With his help I achieved an A*, which was exactly what I wanted and what I thought I had the potential to get with the right assistance. Matt was very supportive throughout and was always able to answer questions or help with work, even outside of lessons. He helped me get to grips with the subject at the start and expand my knowledge with interesting discussion of the material later on. We did a lot of work on essay technique, and this was particularly helpful. Overall, I think Matt was fundamental in my success at A-level, and I would highly recommend him to anyone as an Economics tutor. Nathan Sonn (A-Level Economics) Matt has been an amazing tutor and his lessons were like a dose of fiscal stimulus during a recession. Without his help, I would not have been able to improve my grade or gain any confidence in my economics. He has been able to make the subject much more interesting so that I enjoy it and this has helped widely both in class and out of class! Thank you for everything! Fiona (A-Level Economics) I have had Matthew as a tutor for nearly two years now and I can definitely say he is the best tutor I have had. He helped me fall in love with economics and want to study it at university level. Without him I wouldn’t have known what I wanted study or even go into for the future and I’m so grateful for everything he has done for me. He goes above and beyond for all his students and whenever I was lacking with homework and my studies in general he has always found a way to get me back on track, carry on revising and loving the subject. Mathew always found ways to make his lessons interesting by relating it to issues in our current world and I know everything he taught me will stay with me wherever I go no matter what I end up doing. Nour sulieman (A-Level Economics) I was an A-Level Student seeking some help in economics; that's when one of my friends recommended Mr. Mathew Dyas. I decided to give it a go and this was one of the smartest decisions I have made. Mr. Dyas is not just an excellent Economics tutor who knows what he is teaching, but also amazing support who also gives additional advice on any other concerns you may have with studies or further education such as studying at University. He was quick to spot my strengths and most importantly, my weaknesses. He would criticize my weaknesses and tell me what I needed to do better, but he would also tell me positive points about them too which I believe is great to keep a student motivated and keen on making improvements. He was very flexible if we ever needed to go back to a topic and revise it again; what I found most helpful for the additional points of "application" he would give with real-life examples, and some even from the history which really helped me to learn this subject thoroughly. He would regularly mark our homework an give us valuable feedback as well as giving us mock examinations in the class where he would also give an attempt to the question. This, I found really interesting in the sense that he did not just create a friendly atmosphere, he would give critical points of feedback after the exam which was extremely helpful. Additionally, he would also provide us with extra resources which also helped us prepare better and give us an edge when it came to revision. Even though he can be quick at times when going through a certain topic, he would give us the option to go through it again thoroughly until we are 100% confident. Overall, having Mr. Dyas as a tutor for Economics was a great help that really gave me an advantage in school too. As well as helping to improve knowledge, he also works on improving other important skills of students such as confidence in the subject which is what makes him outstanding as a tutor. These results were also seen in my class tests, classwork and in general participation in the class too; I would definitely say Mr. Dyas has helped me in this subject immensely; I would highly recommend him as a tutor for A-Level Economics. (A-Level Economics) Matthew Dyas has been very helpful throughout my two years at A-level. He has provided me with more knowledge than an average a-level book would show. His level of teaching as provided with a high substantial level of knowledge of economics enough to aim towards an A/A*. Not only that, but he has also provided me with an advanced level of resources to get me through the course, giving in-depth knowledge and information to better my economics throughout. I started the year being predicted a B but through his expertise, I was en route to achieving an A which was predicted by my school teacher! (A-Level Economics) Put simply, Matt is one of the small handful of economics teachers who actually know what they are doing. He devotes his time to working out exactly how to get his students an A* in the A level, which he helped me realise is a lot simpler than I had previously thought! Matt knows economics like the back of his hand, explains complex ideas with ease and can go beyond the specification to discuss more fascinating ideas if that is something that interests you. There is no better tutor to go to, I guarantee. (A-Level Economics) Matt tutored our son through his upper 6th A level economic course. Our son had lost confidence in his own ability as he hadn’t performed very well in his lower 6th exam. Matt provided clear, structured guidance and input ensuring that our son had a thorough understanding of all the topics that were covered in the lower 6th. Our son was then able to build on his knowledge throughout the upper 6th and gain a genuine confidence in his understanding of the subject that enabled him to secure a grade B. Matt is an excellent tutor who provides clear and measured input to his students in a friendly positive manner. He ensures that the students have regular feedback and support whenever required. (A-Level Economics) I had Matt had a tutor for 2 years and he was worth every penny. Matt is confident tutor who understands teenagers better than most tutors I've met. He is fully aware that we need natural breaks and how terrifying A levels are, and so he works to get to know and understand his pupil to allow him to teach accordingly to the individual. Matt is an exceptional tutor, there are no two ways about it, he's not only efficient in his teaching methods, but he's friendly and thus allows the pupil to form a close relationship with him. On the whole, Matt is a first draw tutor and I cannot emphasise enough how drastically he turned around my economics A level. (A-Level Economics) Matthew is organised, efficient, reliable, academically very competent and has excellent rapport with people. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. He provides an honest appraisal of my son’s progress and suggest ways of improvement. His lessons are always well planned and executed efficiently and effectively and constructive feedback provided. I found his planning skills were excellent and his teaching methods adjusted to student’s needs. In summary, I highly recommend Matthew (A-Level Economics) Matt Dyas was a tutor who brought me from 0 to 100. With only two and a half months to go from the exams I was scoring straight U's in class. With zero understanding of economics and it's foundation, so this meant I had two years of catching up to do. Desperately trying to find a solution I got into contact with Matt, where he told me honestly where I was positioned and that it could be possible but difficult to do well in that exam. After many well planned sessions with Matt, where each lesson were specifically planned and so were homework's, I gained the ability to build up my knowledge in a very short amount of time and enabled me to finish off the year scoring a High B with only 4 marks off an A. Thanks to Matt and his exceptional teaching skills of which I would highly recommend for those who are far behind and need to catch up upon understanding and knowledge. (A-Level Economics) Chloe's confidence has grown so much since she started seeing Matt and this is now being reflected in her school work where she is getting B's and last week got an A! He is a brilliant tutor and Chloe really "gets" him and the way he explains the different theories and concepts. Although we initially put a ceiling on the amount of sessions she was having we have revised this upwards (!) and she now has Skype sessions once a week from school and these will continue until the last exam! I cannot thank you enough for putting us in touch with Matt, it has really turned things around for Chloe. (A-Level Economics) Matt Dyas was my tutor from October 2017 right up until the night before my last economic exam in June 2018, he taught me at a time where the teaching for economics at school was extremely poor. It was so poor that it led myself and my family to question I would obtain the grade I needed in economics in order to go to the university of my dreams. Matt not only tutored me but he was also my teacher, he taught me the economics syllabus in such depth that he could be viably be called my economics teacher. Matt left no stone unturned when teaching me economics and he had taught me 4 modules of economics in the space of one year whilst still keeping up his amazing standard of teaching. Without Matt, it is safe to say that I would not have got the grade I achieved which was an A (could be an A*- Pending remark), with two years of Matt’s help I can only wonder what my skills in economics would be. As stipulated earlier, myself and my parents both worried for my economics A level but an enormous amount of progress with Matt became apparent after the first four weeks of his tutelage. Throughout the year, Matt would show me a graph, called my grade curve, whereby he would show where I was currently at and how far he could see me go down on a bad day and how well I could do on a good day, when I started with Matt, he showed my grade curve to be at a projection of a C when we first started and we finished the year with a projection of A and he was true. There were topics in the syllabus which I struggled with so badly and by the end of the year these became my favourites, topics included the different market structures and the banking system and it is safe to say that these weaknesses became my strengths, at the start of my experience with Matt it would take me near to 10 minutes to draw a simple diagram with countless mistakes to the end of our time together to drawing the graph in a matter of seconds with minimal mistakes. I cannot stress enough how much Matt has helped me over the past year and to be completely honest had I known how far Matt would have taken me, myself and my family would probably have been prepared to pay over the market equilibrium for Matt’s services. (Still using Matt’s teachings today!). Matt’s help was indeed priceless and if anyone has a chance to have Matt as their economic tutor, take it, as he will help you so much and I can assure you that with the right amount of work on the tutee’s end you will go very far. Jake Russell- Matt Dyas Student for Economics A Level 2018 (A-Level Economics) Chloe's confidence has grown so much since she started seeing Matt and this is now being reflected in her school work where she is getting B's and last week got an A! He is a brilliant tutor and Chloe really "gets" him and the way he explains the different theories and concepts. Although we initially put a ceiling on the amount of sessions she was having we have revised this upwards (!) and she now has Skype sessions once a week from school and these will continue until the last exam! I cannot thank you enough for putting us in touch with Matt, it has really turned things around for Chloe.

(A-Level Economics) Matthew is an incredible, intuitive, intelligent tutor. He engaged my daughter and taught her parts of the A Level economic syllabus she had disconnected with and failed at. In just a matter of months of tutoring her, her grades went from D’s to B’s. What Matthew is good at, is being consistent and systematic in his approach and delivery of lessons. He is so knowledgeable about the exam board, the way to attain marks and write essays. I thought it was fantastic how he made my daughter laugh and start enjoying the subject but also called her out when she lost concentration or didn’t do the homework he had set (which he does every week). Most importantly for us, was he gave my daughter confidence in her abilities, improved her understanding rapidly and helped her believe she could do well in the subject. He is also a really nice, kind person and loves a good cup of coffee. I totally recommend Matthew as a tutor. (A-Level Economics) To say Matt’s tutoring services are exceptional is a vast understatement. Before even delving into his constructive and informative lessons - of which the quality greatly supersedes any teaching I’ve experienced before in both knowledge and passion for the subject - you must understand that his pedagogy far extends the moment from when he leaves the door of your house. Matt works tirelessly to ensure that all your queries - whether it be a concept you have struggled with at school or one you read in a book - can be answered in a clear and concise manner. I have phoned him a myriad number of times for clarification on certain notions in economics at all kinds of ghastly hours, and Matt still diligently piles all of his effort behind answering the questions. In fact, Matt also provided me with an extremely useful mock Oxbridge interview that helped me articulate and structure my answers in a logical and cogent manner. Matt is undoubtedly the most accessible tutor I have ever met. But beyond this, Matt writes a weekly ‘current affairs’ email - often spanning 3-4 thousand words or more - ensuring that his students are up to date with all the developments in economic life around the world and informing his students how they can apply the relevant information to their answers in the A-Level. Yet, I still haven’t mentioned the quality of his marking. Matt stringently sets one homework per week - ranging from a worksheet to an essay or multiple past papers. One often thinks that the one-to-one contact is where one learns the most, but with Matt, he ensures that it is from his in-depth marking, which acutely informs his students how they can improve their exam technique and core knowledge of the subject as well. This is generally an over-looked part of a tutoring-service, but Matt ensures it is at the kernel of his pedagogy as ultimately the A-Levels are structured in a manner that makes exam-technique and the knowledge of how to convey certain answers exceedingly important. The lessons with Matt are exceedingly insightful and developmental-focused. He employs a Socratic teaching method in order to ensure that you have a strong foundational economic knowledge and is always eager to challenge you through concepts and readings that are outside of the A-Level. At first though, Matt always makes sure that he has thoroughly gone through the respective specification and taught you the necessary knowledge and ideas to attain the grade that you desire. All in all, Matt is an incredible tutor whose scope and quality of teaching is truly phenomenal. (A-Level Economics) I can't rate Matt highly enough. He is extremely organised and has an excellent system in place to help. We felt continually reassured by his regular progress updates on our son. He also sent us a complete spreadsheet of all work that our son completed, the grades achieved and the lessons learned. His approach is comprehensive and leaves nothing to chance. (A-Level Economics) Matthew Dyas is an excellent economics tutor! He truly loves his job, and every time he gives my son a class he is passionate and very professional! He is very methodical. He knows how to develop children's interest in learning! To tell you the truth, my son didn't like studying economics before, he thought it was too difficult, but after learning A few lessons with Matthew Dyas , he no longer hates economics, and even chose to continue studying this course when considering A-Level. This change really surprises me! I really appreciate Matthew's help to my son! He's really good! Highly recommend him! (A-Level Economics) Matt is one of the best economics tutors around. His knowledge on how to achieve the highest marks in economics allowed me to improve my grade in a short space of time. He takes great care with each of his students especially with homework to ensure they are actively improving their economics. I would definitely recommend Matt if you're studying economics! (A-Level Economics) Mathew is a brilliant tutor for Economics. He helped my son so much and improved his grade from a D in AS to an A in A Level. He provides the right resources and the right advice at the relevant times during your course. He planned his homework’s every week and would give constructive feedback in order to improve his overall grade. He is very friendly and has developed my sons confidence not only in Economics but also in general. I am very pleased with my sons improvement. (A-Level Economics) It was a pleasure working with Matt over the course of my final year of A-Levels. With his guidance, encouragement and expert tuition, I was able to improve upon my predicted grade significantly and reach my full potential. Throughout the year, Matt was dedicated to marking homework that he had set and would always include a concise set of feedback which would advise me on how to further improve. The work set by Matt was most certainly useful and was crucial in allowing me to understand certain topics which I found tricky. Closer to the time of the exams, Matt's output would increase and he would offer thorough revision courses which would present opportunities for his students to work in small groups of 2 or 3 and cover material from earlier on in the course which was very beneficial. In conclusion, I thoroughly recommend Matt to anybody who is looking for a hardworking, dedicated expert economics tutor that will invest his time and energy into helping you improve. (A-Level Economics-Hal) I started using Matt in October, with the hope of pushing for a high grade in Economics at A level. Within quick time, I already felt a lot more confident and constanly recieved extra materials which were extremly helpful when it came to sitting exams. Matt was able to adapt to focus on the exam board I was sitting. His depth of knowledge for the exams being sat, make answering questions easier and I was able to gain greater exam technique, eg timing and structure, which is extremely important when it comes to sitting the exams. Overall Matt was excellent , I could not have asked for a better tutor! He worked extremely hard to ensure I had everything I needed and to answer any questions I had even outside of our lessons. (A-Level Economics) Amazing tutor. Matt has helped me immensely with economics as I found the subject very challenging. I have gained confidence and managed to get an A level result which I am over the moon with! Matt is a great guy and will go out of his way to help you. He was particularly supportive through the weeks of revision leading up to the final exams. (A-Level Economics) From the get go in January, Matt vigilantly established all the topics and areas of Economics I was struggling with and set out a plan as to how he would go over them to increase my understanding. Matt was very polite and although he went at a reasonably fast pace, I found i was able to keep up with the content and complete all homework to a good standard - far, far better than i could have without the tuition. Matt took the time to mark all my work and give effective feedback so that if I was to complete the work a second time, which I did on some occasions, I would achieve higher marks and know where i went wrong the first time. I found the one hour length was the best for me as I would be able to keep concentrated on learning and listening. I found it useful that Matt had practice questions with extracts so he would be able to tell whether I understood the topics, where I needed improvement but also it served as exam practice for me since there would be similar layouts in the real thing. Overall, I was extremely happy with the tuition I received and found revision and the exams in general for economics less stressful. I'm delighted to say that I achieved an A* in my final exam which was up from a C grade at AS level. Thank you Matt! (A-Level Economics) I started having Economics sessions with Matt in January of my A2 year. I had previously achieved a C at AS level, and despite me being predicted an A at A level, was not confident that I would be able to achieve it prior to looking for a tutor. In addition, I had struggled with motivational issues which had in large part been the reason for my underachievements the previous year. Matt went above and beyond to tutor me in the subject and through his help, I was able to not only develop my knowledge & application of the information, but also became more confident in subject itself. Through his weekly topic-targeted exam questions, as well as the extremely detailed feedback from the previous week, my understanding improved, as well as my discipline levels in the subject. Additionally, Matt was readily available (pretty much) 24/7, whether that be during the session itself or simply via phone or text to deal with any niggling query i had regarding anything economics. As well as this, despite me being one of the few students to do economics on the WJEC board, Matt ensured that he taught me everything as the specification laid it out, thus giving me the best possible understanding for my specific course. With Matt's enormous help, I was able to achieve the A grade and subsequently got into the economics course i wanted at university. I could not recommend Matt enough, and he is undoubtedly exactly what any A level student would need to achieve their potential, and then some. (A-Level Economics) I'm not a big fan of school, as cliche as it sounds. GCSE and my first year of A-Levels was really tough on me, quite difficult in terms of school. I suffered from anxiety and I was depressed, in the end I failed my first year of A-Levels. Thankfully my school let me continue and I knew I had to change something. I looked for a tutor and I found Matthew, already liked him as soon as I saw his page. Now nearly six months in, I'm much better thanks to Matthew. I view him as a friend and a tutor, to the point that I wish to keep in contact with him after my A levels. Matthew is blunt which a student needs, he views a failure as a lesson to which a student needs to learn and he gives you guidance to which many students need. I'm not writing this for the sake of it, I'm writing this feedback as a way of saying thank you to Matthew. I don't have to write this much, I could just write "he's great" and that's it. I would fully recommend Matthew to anyone, he gives you life advice and he's not a tutor who just wants to take money from you. He sits you down and gets to know you. Don't look for anyone else, Matthew is the perfect tutor. He sacrifices for his students and all he wants in return is for you to work hard. Thanks Matthew for everything. (A-Level Economics) Matthew is quite honestly a sensational tutor. He is organised, diligent and knows exactly how to help improve grades. I would unreservedly recommend him. (A-Level Economics) Matt is currently providing an excellent support to my daughter helping her beyond his way to help her get the best grades in Economics. During the first session, Matt started systematically checking where my daughter stand in understanding of the subject and evaluating the knowledge and speed she might require to cover the syllabus. He then focussed structuring the session on step by step approach - to having a much fuller understanding of the concepts. Matt’s approach is very professional and as a result of this my daughter has shown incredible progress and managed to obtain “A” grades in her Economics class tests in a relatively short space of time. He has made her feel more confident in her own ability. Matt also teaches Psychology, where my daughter regularly tap into his depth knowledge. He currently assist my daughter on both subject to give her a more solid grasp of these subjects, so that she will better equipped to deal with what the exam might throw at her. He helped our daughter on going through essay writing and went through her personal statement where he discussed with her and offered advisable changes. As a parent, Matt regularly communicates with me regarding my daughter’s progress and he has provided me with a detail report accounting focuses of all the sessions held. I couldn't ask for a better tutor to help my daughter! Thanks so much!! (A-Level Economics) Matthew has only been tutoring my son in his A level Economics for a couple of weeks but is already having an impact. He has comprehensive files of support materials and gives excellent, detailed feedback on both exam questions worked on together as well as those done in school. He has given sound advice in Psychology A level revision as well. He has high expectations in terms of work set. He seems to have lit a fuse in terms of getting my son to understand how to revise in a smart way. Highly recommended - I hope he will agree to remain tutoring him for a few extra weeks. (A-Level Economics) A very inspiring tutor and certainly knows how to motivate and mentor his student! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as he assisted my son in such a short space of time!! Anyone who hires him will be very lucky indeed!! (A-Level Economics) After my daughter's A level mock results, we asked Matthew if he could help her with 'Economics'. With only 6 weeks before her exams, Matthew planned in double sessions, and I have to say that both my wife and I were extremely pleased with the way in which our Daughter learned from Matthew. We noticed how much my daughter's understanding of the subject grew in such a short space of time. His style is laid back to the point of not putting the student under too much pressure and I would totally recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tutor in Economics. Thank you Matthew. (GCSE Economics) In a short period of time Matthew transformed the vision of my son towards Economics. Only few sessions boosted confidence in the subject. Very efficient, professional and result oriented. Strongly recommended. (A-Level Economics) Matt was most helpful and very supportive. (A-Level Economics) We are SO grateful to Matthew for his brilliant organisation and outstanding tutoring. My son managed to lift his Economics AS grade from a D to a 'high B' with his help. We found him to be very accommodating and nothing was too much trouble - exactly what you need from a professional tutor. Thank you Matthew and see you soon. (A-Level Economics) Mr Matthew is able to explain things at a level my son understands. My son's confidence in economics has increased over the last few weeks.

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